Voter fraud?

Midterm election results in California are looking more and more suspicious.

Orange County, a conservative area just south of Los Angeles, California turned all blue after Democrats produced hundreds of thousands of votes weeks after election day using a practice known as “ballot harvesting.”

. . .

Precinct 38083 in Orange County, California had a 120% turnout – 465 registered voters and 561 ballots cast in this precinct.

Other numbers don’t add up in Orange County either and The Gateway Pundit has been reporting on this for weeks.

October 22nd totals for voter registration there show 541,665 (R) and 523,624 (D) yet totals from Election Day for D’s surpass that by 40k votes so we’re to believe there was 100%+ turnout of registered Dems?

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is investigating “ballot harvesting” in California yet the Republican party has done nothing to fight this practice that violates the chain of custody and is illegal in nearly every state.

There’s more at the link.  Bold italic text is my emphasis.

If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck . . . it’s probably a duck election fraud.



  1. Ca gop keep on being out played by the Democrats. Redistributing, top 2 ballot systems, and now ballot harvesting.

    Frustrating to live in a one party state that keeps on getting crazier and crazier.

  2. GOP is forbidden by a liberal judge from contesting ballot fraud anywhere in the US. Case from the 70's in NJ.

  3. Y'all keep forgetting the comment attributed to Uncle Joe Stalin about "It's not whether or not you vote, but who counts them." That statement is just as valid here as it was in Soviet Russia when it was made. We are dealing with corruption and greed.

  4. We have to remember, in the Left we no longer face "the loyal opposition" but an enemy with no decency, no honor, no ethics, and no morality.

  5. From here ( here are about 1.5 million total active registered voters in Orange County (plus over 300k inactive) — your D and R registration numbers are correct, the rest are registered to minor parties or are NPP (no party preference). So it is not remarkable that the number of D votes exceeds the number of D registrants.

  6. The consent decree arising from the New Jersey case in the early 1980's has been allowed to expire. The GOP is free to content fraud, if it can find the balls to do so.

  7. Not only this, but somehow Californians are so in love with high taxes that they voted down a gas tax repeal, and gave the state legislature carte blanche to raise those taxes whenever they see fit. Vote Fraud? And a while back, somehow Californians VOTED to outlaw free plastic grocery bags so that the markets would be (ahem) forced to sell you bags at a small profit. That program was in place and enforced the DAY AFTER THE ELECTION. Somehow the markets just *knew* the law would pass. Vote Fraud?
    And don't even mention the way that voters turned over the cannabis market to the State bureaucrats, and tax machine.

    Vote Fraud?

    It's more than putting the wrong crook in office.


  8. And in Wisconsin, the Right is voting to take power away from the governor since he will now be a Democrat. See also North Carolona and its growing voter scandel.

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