Want to help fix America’s problems? Start by helping to fix her voting system


A number of recent headlines have highlighted problems with our November 2020 elections and their consequences – elections that I’ve maintained all along were stolen by the current Administration and the shadowy people behind it.  Click on any link to go to the article concerned.

There are many others I could have cited;  those are just the ones I bookmarked in passing.

The trouble is, too many centrist and/or conservative voters are shrugging their shoulders in resignation, because “what can one person do to stop it?”  Others are rejecting participating in elections at all:  “What’s the point, when we know they’re going to cheat even harder next time?”

That’s precisely why we should be trying to do something about it, to stop them cheating next time, and to expose – in real time, as it happens, or at least as soon as possible thereafter – any cheating that’s detected.  There’s no reason why concerned voters can’t volunteer as election workers, join monitoring groups to clean up voters’ rolls and election administration, and pressure their representatives in State governments to enact reforms to the greatest possible extent, to block some of the shenanigans we witnessed in November 2020.

The less we do to counter electoral fraud, the more likely we are to encounter it this year and in 2024, and the more likely it is to succeed.  The more we do to counter it, the less likely it is to succeed.

Let’s take that message to heart, and spread it around;  and let’s get together with those we know in our area, to do what we can to shed light on an all-too-often murky subject.  We have no right to complain about electoral outcomes being unjust, unfair or rigged if we, as individuals and collectively, are doing nothing to stop that from happening.  It starts with getting local elections right – and that’s our job.  The old proverb says, “Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves“.  In the same way, ensure that local elections are free and fair, and the national elections will follow in their wake;  but it starts locally, with us.

What’s more, let’s make sure that we strive for fairness, honesty and accuracy – not a right-wing version of election corruption to equal what the left did in 2020.  That would make us as bad as they are.  We’re supposed to be better than that.



  1. "Catching" them at cheating is pointless, unless someone's going to start throwing them in prison for 50-100 years, or unless folks start stringing them up from lamp posts day in and day out.

    Nothing less will suffice.

    When nothing but bullets will do, you'd better use bullets.

  2. Did over 100,000 people older than 124 years vote in Wisconsin?

    LOL. I saw that headline yesterday.

    Of course not. I don't care what the records say, there aren't 100,000 people older than 124 years in the world, let alone in Wisconsin. There might not be even one, but for sure not 100,000.

  3. Meanwhile, anyone who calls shenanigans is labeled a liar for supporting a lie, a falsehood, and a conspiracy theorist.
    I believe that we have had our last free election in this country.

    This next election will tell the tale. If I am wrong and our election in 2020 really was the will of the people, and the President with the 30 percent approval rating will see the Democrat party fall apart and lose both houses of congress in a big way, or I am correct and their hold on Congress will strengthen.

    1. I think your assessment misses the unique nature of presidential elections. They don't have to cheat everywhere, just in a few key precincts that they hold with an iron fist – dems in every single position. Senate elections will give us some idea. In 2020, the down ballot dem votes did not match the presidential votes in many/most of the contested areas. They cheat where they can get away with it, and at levels guaranteed to have the maximum influence.

  4. Getting involved is all well and good, but the cheating didn't happen in my district or even my state. What good does it do for me to volunteer in a largely red county in a very red state, when 4 states over the very blue district in the very blue state will cheat just enough to win again, with no consequences. Once again, the high population density blue areas will screw us over.

  5. I was a poll worker for a number of cycles, local, state, fed elections, inclusive. That is, up until 2018. I was told by letter that I was not needed for the 2020 elections.

    Immediately following the 2018 elections I voiced several complaints to my direct supervisor. They were passed up the chain to County Registrar. I haven't bothered to prove it objectively yet I cannot apprehend why suddenly I was removed as poll worker save as result of my complaints.

    (My several complaints revolved around ballots being run through tabulating machines several times and spoiled ballots being included in the tally. That plus witnessing a fellow worker 'aiding' a voter in casting her vote. Disallowed was making suggestions to the voter. That rule was violated.)

  6. Do ya wonder;

    That when the Ds said they would construct a 'blue wall' on the west coast, that actually happened.

    That when they said they would turn Orange County, CA blue, that actually happened.

    That when they said they would turn TX purple, that actually happened.

    When they said they were targeting NC to turn that state blue, that is well on the way of happening.

    That when they said the same for FL, they have made solid progress within FL.

    It is like they say it and *poof* it happens.

  7. We should never lower ourselves to the corruption of the left. But when we catch them red handed in their corruption we should string the scum up on the spot and shoot anyone trying to stop us. Corruption and dishonesty are morally far worse than violence and they need to be made de-facto and legally far worse too.

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