Want to win a really nifty long-range rifle?

Fellow blogger and South African expatriate Kim du Toit is trying to get money together for a specialized long-range rifle to take to Boomershoot this year.  He’s come up with a nifty way to raise the funds.

1.  You can only make one $40* donation per household, and only $40.  More than $40, and I’ll send the surplus to Greenpeace.  Believe me on this.  If you send me two checks, one for yourself and one for your “brother”, the checks had better be in two different names and addresses, or the second goes to Greenpeace.  Husband & wife get no exception.  One entry per household.  Don’t test me.

2.  Checks or money orders only, with your current address listed — I need the paper trail — to the sooper-seekrit mailing address (see source), made out to Kim du Toit.  Make sure the “Note” on the check says ULD Rifle 2020 and your website ID (if you have one) so I know it’s for the rifle and not just a donation.  By sending me a check, you agree that I can publish your name / ID (but not address) as the winner.

3.  The drawing will be notarized, i.e. performed by a third party and witnessed by a notary public or some such official, to keep this kosher and the ATF happy.

4.  I get to pick the rifle, and the scope — and what I get will depend on how much I get in donations.  The winner gets what I picked out, and no whimpering or complaining.  (Sheesh… you’ll be getting a fine long-distance setup for $40.)

5.  It will be chambered in .3x caliber, so that I can get better results past the 400-yard mark (from experience, the smaller 6.5x55mm bullet gets blown around a little too much for consistent accuracy at 400+ distances — and the wind always  blows at Boomershoot).  It will most likely be in .308 Win or thereabouts, but I’m not ruling out .300 Win Mag and the like, if I can get a decent deal.

. . .

13.  I reserve the right to close the fund at any time, when I judge that the fund has reached an acceptable level.  Judging from the popularity of the idea the last time I did this, I’m going to set an arbitrary shut-off date of January 31, 2020 but I also reserve the right to extend the date too.

14.  Conversely, if I don’t get enough money to buy a really decent rig, I’ll just close the fund, refund your donations and go with what I’ve got.  I don’t want to do that.

There’s more at the link.

It certainly sounds like a good idea, and with relatively few participants (I doubt there’ll be more than two figures’ worth), the odds of winning are pleasantly attractive.  I’ll be sending in my check, and I thought some of my readers might like to join in the fun.  At the very least, it’ll give Kim a few days of pleasant ballistic relaxation therapy!



  1. Hey Peter,

    I will head over and check it out. He was one of the first bloggers I remember checking out back in the day long before I even considered blogging, He predates OLDNFO and that is an accomplishment 🙂 Although it is OldNFO fault that I started blogging…Gotta establish the blame line.

  2. He sure does have his hand out a lot.

    I am surprised how few people noticed how often he's played the sympathy card to get money to pay for something only to be posting about an opulent vacation to places foreign shortly thereafter.

  3. Bob:
    He's a former retail marketing guru. I suspect that defining the limits of wiggle room in contest rules comes naturally.

    Might be a matter of perception on his readers part. Not really a vibe I have gotten. His late wife's long term health issues consumed all his financial resources, so he must pay attention to the details of life, more-so than he would have had to expect to at his age and background. Life doesn't play fair. BT;DT, didn't even get the t-shirt. Ah, well…that's life.

  4. Will: I need to pay my student loans. Off to Ireland!
    I need to pay my wife's medical bills. Off to Europe!

    That's piss, not rain.

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