Was COVID-19 used as an excuse to deliberately kill people?


Off-Guardian has a very troubling article about this.  It raises questions that deserve thorough investigation and in-depth answers – but I’m willing to be the powers that be won’t provide either.  The article concentrates on British care facilities, but cites US sources too – and I’ll be very surprised if the problem isn’t the same here as there.

The rise in the use of Do Not Resuscitate orders (DNRs), and the suggestion that patients are being compelled to sign them, or even having them signed on their behalf in secret, has been one of the more concerning narratives to come out of the last year of “pandemic”.

As early as April of 2020, entirely mainstream publications, such as the Health Service Journal (HSJ), were running articles expressing concern over the “unprecedented” rise in “illegal” DNR orders for those with learning disabilities.

In June 2020 the Independent picked up the story, citing some troubling examples found by charity workers and family members … we’re not just talking about people who are terminally or even severely ill. Autism, sight loss and epilepsy are not conditions that would ever, under normal circumstances, have patients deemed unworthy of receiving life-saving treatment.

It wasn’t just the ill or disabled who fell victim to this, either. In June last year, it was revealed that “blanket” DNRs had been applied to nursing homes by GPs all around the country.

. . .

This policy was not solely isolated to the UK either. The “Undercover Nurse” reported in Perspectives on the Pandemic, the hospital she worked at in New York had widespread abuse of the DNR system, and Rosemary Frei wrote an article breaking down the way deaths were “created” in Canadian care homes.

So, we know that people have – in all likelihood – been allowed to die during this pandemic. That has been as good as officially admitted. But does it go further? Are people being actively euthanised?

Euthanasia has already been hinted at by other whistleblowers, specifically through the use of ventilators on patients who never needed them … it’s very probable that this did a lot more harm than good, killing huge numbers of patients who may otherwise have survived (though obviously it cannot be proven – at this stage – that this was deliberate).

. . .

How much of the UK’s excess mortality in 2020 – currently attributed to Covid19 – was in fact caused by these callous (and potentially criminal) practices?

And, more importantly, was that all part of a plan? Were these people deliberately allowed to die in order to create an illusory “pandemic”?

There’s more at the link.

I note that the article was published on June 22, but it’s been greeted with a deafening silence from British officialdom since then.  The silence is so deafening, in fact, that it makes me suspicious.  Surely, if aspersions such as those had been cast at us, we’d rush to defend ourselves?  The fact that the British medical establishment hasn’t even bothered to acknowledge that the allegations were made makes me wonder.

There’s also the existence of the so-called “Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient” (now officially withdrawn, but according to some reports, still applied in some cases).  In so many words, this called for the deliberate cessation of treatment for patients considered terminally ill, except for “palliative care” that might – or might not – include nutrition and hydration.  The patients and their loved ones were typically not consulted or given any say in the decision – it was all up to the doctors.  There are plenty of horror stories about people left to die, abandoned by nurses and doctors with callous indifference.  (Follow that link for some truly ghastly accounts of what happened.)  How such a policy could even be conceived, let alone implemented, is mind-boggling . . . but that’s what happens when money is given priority over human lives, and bureaucrats make decisions on budgetary grounds.  Looking at how many COVID-19 patients were handled in some states (yes, New York, I’m looking at you, where your Governor sent COVID-positive patients back to nursing homes where they could – and did – infect and kill thousands of others), one can’t help but wonder whether that was deliberate, too.

This is what happens when we let bureaucrats make decisions on statistical grounds.  They’re going to look at “the greatest good for the greatest number”, and decide that it’s better to deploy resources to help this group rather than that group, because society has more and/or better use for the former than the latter.  There’s precious little regard for human life as such, and as a whole, in that approach, because human life is not regarded as having value in and of itself.  Only its utility for society and the State is taken into account – and those are subjective judgments.

That’s not a comforting thought to those of us who are growing old, and seeing the State give less and less importance to what we need versus what it wants.  Unless we have substantial private means, we’re likely to be discarded too.  Does that make you feel valued by your country and your government?



  1. DNR use here spiked too, though with a good deal more transparency than was apparently the case in Britain. I personally found it to be a troubling development, specifically when it went against the explicit desires of the patient. When that occurred, it was the family making decisions after the patient had become obtunded, and was unable to continue to make their wishes known.

  2. When the tendency of the virus to take out those over 70 with a few comorbidities became known – and that was very early in the pandemic – I started to hear Covid-19 referred to as the Boomer Remover.

    The big problem that healthcare has is that the largest health care expense many people have is in their last weeks of life. If those nationalized systems are going to cut their costs, they have to cut those last weeks short.

    It's hard to imagine that groups like the UK's NHS and other government run health care systems, along with the euthanasia-friendly EU countries wouldn't take the chance to get rid of expensive long term care patients.

  3. Be very surprised, Peter.
    The National Health Service model isn't the rule here, unlike in (formerly great) Britistan.

    There, the government's best interest is to kill you rather than have to pay to help you stay alive.

    Thank a merciful Deity that's not the situation here. Yet.

    But nota bene the states responsible for shoving known COVID-positive patients in with vulnerable elderly residents with multiple co-morbidities were, universally, BLUE states, with the most to gain from the exact same sort of covert euthanasia program.

    Much like Edward I noted in Braveheart, "the dead cost nothing".

    Moscow Rules: There ARE no coincidences.

  4. I have never been 'valued' by my government. I am only useful for the amount of money my labor produces so that the government can then skim off whatever portion it decides I will contribute to its further existence. Once I cease to be useful in that manner then I become a problem.

    And yes, the medical system makes those kind of choices all the time whether or not they are governmental sanctioned or not at the time.

  5. Some 20ish years ago I noticed how 911 resembled a Tom Clancy novel. Last year it seemed like John Gresham's the Firm, where as I recall, senior partners would be eliminated to improve the bottom line. Is this proof that like terrorists bureaucrats and or politicians can read?

  6. Well, considering that before the Covidiocracy, both the governor of New York (state) and the mayor of New York (city) and many other prominent democratic (supposedly) politicians were crying about how much the over 75 crowd was costing all of the wonderful democratic (supposedly) states' health care systems, and then, poof, after telling us the Covidiocracy wasn't deadly (including San Fran Nan and Mayor Nipplepiercing Cuomo standing in huge China New Year celebrations) and suddenly discovering that the Covidiocracy was deadly (after Impeach Impeach Impeach Impeach failed, miserably in the Senate, again,) then, yes, the Covidiocracy was a huge scam to destroy the infrastructure of these United States, consolidate all medical thingies under one huge gigantic bloated government program and openly do the very best to kill off as many people as possible (either by denying actual Covidiocracy patients Hydrocloroquin or Ivermectin (because OrangeManBad said the two drugs were good) and by shoving actual Covidiocracy patients in with non-Covidiocracy patients and also freaky mental patients so the actual sick old folk got to spread the Covidiocracy or got no proper treatment or got beat up.

    So, yes, it was a deliberate move to eliminate people over a certain age and people who 'use' too many medical resources.

    Just by denying family contact and family care, that right there was enough to cack off quite a large percentage. Plus there's the additional lack of checks and balances within the health care system that visiting family and friends serve, as nobody was there to see unclean conditions, poor food, poor treatment, lack of care about anything.

    That's not even considering all the denial-of-service for valid health care concerns that occurred. Just, well, if there was that much DOS on the interwebs there would have been (useless) Congressional hearings and morbid stupid stories from the eneMedia.

    So, again, yes. Yes, the whole Covidiocracy was a way of killing off, in a very unkind way, the old people in this nation. And the sick people who were forced to go into convalescent homes. And anyone else who wasn't a rich leftist millionaire.

    In a sane and just society, heads would have rolled for the actions taken by our 'leaders' and our health care providers.

    Here in Gainesville, FL, both the big hospitals sat… very underutilized for almost a year. People didn't utilize the local doctors, or the local cancer treatment facilities, or the day surgery places. How many lives were lost from that? How many lives were destroyed by cutting staff at all of these locations?

    Yeah… It was a systemic attack on a particular segment of society not seen since Woodrow Wilson's reign of terror.

  7. I read from pretty reliable sources part of the Massive Loss of life "From COVID" in Wuhan China was the sudden death syndrome of dissidents under cover of COVID.

    Would give a reason why their death tool was so high while in other places not so much?

    Socialists tend to reduce costs as humans mean so little to them. Seems from observing the Blue States COVID responses with senior citizens that level of Socialized Medicine is getting popular in America.

  8. Decades ago people died of all manner of mundane injuries and illnesses, and nobody thought much about it. It was just part of life. Tragic, yes, but unavoidable. Things are not much different today, I think, except that it's not quite so random; the government is frequently the one doing the picking of who lives and who dies, based on the individual's utility to the state.

  9. I don't think it was deliberate, unless your description of deliberate is "the intentional disregard for life to pursue personal notoriety, or gain."

  10. Sounds like Joseph Bayley's book Winterflight from the Eighties. An American dystopia where anyone reaching 70 or anyone born with a genetic disorder such as hemophilia or sickle cell anemia were in danger of Government euthanasia.

  11. SkylerTW – that is exactly the demographic our more socialistic democratic 'brothers and sisters' are pushing. Including minimal care to ease 'sufferers' out. And we all know what 'out' means.

    So the people screaming for 'Healthcare for Everyone' are also screaming for 'Death to the old or unhealthy.'

    All in the name of Democracy, of course…

  12. No one should be surprised by any of this. The group who "never lets a crisis go to waste" has control of a lot of institutional and governmental levers.

    So, control the things you can control. Work at maximizing your health. Take at least incremental steps to improve your fitness and weight. Got good health care? Use it. Go to the doctor, listen, ask questions, get answers, and change doctors is you don't have high confidence in them. Sadly, there is IMO a lot of mediocrity in the medical and healthcare profession.

    IMO again, there don't seem to be ANY young, white primary care physicians these days. Yes, I know that sounds awful, but why are ALL, and I do mean ALL the young doctors minorities, foreigners (and I don't mean from Europe!) or women? Is anyone else seeing this? I just don't feel great that a doctor of mine might be a diversity-admittee to med school.

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