Watch out for terror attacks this Easter season

I note that ISIS/ISIL, though territorially defunct in the Middle East, is preaching retaliation for the Christchurch mosque shootings.

The spokesman of the Islamic State emerged from nearly six months of silence on Monday to mock America’s assertion of having defeated the group and to call for retaliation over last week’s mosque attacks in New Zealand.

“The scenes of the massacres in the two mosques should wake up those who were fooled, and should incite the supporters of the caliphate to avenge their religion,” the spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, said in a 44-minute audio recording.

Mr. al-Muhajir portrayed the shootings by a white extremist, which killed 50 Muslims as they prayed in the city of Christchurch, as an extension of the campaign against the Islamic State. He likened the mosque attacks to the weekslong battle raging in the last village under ISIS control in Syria.

There’s more at the link.

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of former ISIS combatants and fellow-travelers have returned, or are in the process of returning, to their former home countries.  Many are not known to the authorities there.  I think it’s likely to the point of certainty that some of them, at least, will take this call to action to heart, and plan revenge attacks on Christian places of worship.  What’s more, Holy Week this year will occur between Sunday, April 14th (Palm Sunday) and Sunday, April 21st (Easter Sunday).  It’s the holiest week in the Christian calendar, with several major church services planned;  Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday itself.  There’s no better target for a committed Islamic fundamentalist terrorist.

If you’re planning to attend any of those services, I advise increased caution.  If you’re planning to attend them in a major center, I’d advise reconsidering your plans.  If you’re planning to travel to attend them in a Christian holy place such as Rome, I’d frankly change my plans right now, and cancel the trip.  I think the odds in favor of an attack on such holy places are astronomically high – and those in charge of their security are probably on the highest possible alert, looking for warning signs.  Don’t plan on heightened personal alertness and/or personal defensive weapons to help, either.  A car or truck bomb, or a suicide bomber, is no respecter of persons or preparations.

I think it behooves all of us to be ultra-cautious about such things at a time like this.



  1. I don't always carry; I carry 100% when I'm at my local Synagogue. My SJW Rabbi would have a cow, but too bad.

  2. I think that would have happened anyway. The attacks in Christ Church is just a pretext to gain moral high ground.

  3. I think people discount the disruption to their travel even if they are not directly involved in a terror attack. My daughter was living in Brussels when the airport was bombed there and she knew several people who were injured. She, however, was visiting a friend in London at the time. It took two or three days and a diversion to Paris before she was able to return home. She had friends and contacts to help her through the mess but most people don't have a friend who has a sister who is willing to let you sleep on their couch when you're stuck 200 miles from home.

  4. Raymond Ibrahim, "Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam"

    It's right there in the Apostles' Creed:

    [Jesus] was crucified, died and was buried.
    He descended into hell.
    The third day he rose again from the dead.
    He ascended into heaven
    and sits at the right hand of God"

    This specifically denies Mahomet's teaching, and, as a further insult, makes Mahomet, who performed no miracles, look pretty weak in the prophet department.

  5. Muslims attack Christians every Easter. They don't need any "excuses" to do so. Their unholy book orders them to do it.

    Fun fact – there are no Christians or Jews left in Bethlehem, Israel. I wonder how that happened? Must be a consequence of all that "religion of peace".

  6. Yup.

    Being nice to your enemies does not make them your friends. It’s one of the few flaws I’ve found with modern Christianity, and one of the many with modern progressive liberalism. It’s a flaw that the muzzies will take full advantage of too.

  7. @Glen:

    I'm straining my memory, and perhaps it's from one of the books, not the TV show, but IIRC I do remember Worf – the Klingon on the Enterprise – saying "Turning the other cheek only results in two bruised cheeks".

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