“We are being walked into the eye of a perfect storm”


That’s the conclusion of Neil Oliver as he examines the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath.  I strongly urge you to either watch the video below, or read the transcript below that.  He asks the right questions, IMHO – but answers are conspicuous by their absence (at least from the powers that be).

The question is this: are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid? How long will they keep trying to tell us 2+2=5, when so many of us can see that the answer is 4.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo, and other news agencies, reported last week that Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro, president of European pharmaceuticals giant Pharma Mar was among 2,200 Spanish elites and celebs, investigated by police for allegedly paying thousands of Euros to be injected with a saline solution – salt water – instead of any of the Covid vaccines and so had their names added, falsely, to the National Immunization registry.

This alone is a brewing scandal of note. That a company president involved in researching Covid vaccines allegedly, and at the very least, did not feel it necessary or important to get vaccinated should make us ask another question:

Did that big pharma boss think or have reasons to believe that the vaccines were unsafe, perchance? Hey, Jose – why go to all the trouble and expense of dodging the jab, when everyone else in the world is being told, by your lot and the rest, that it’s safe and that, you know, no one’s safe until everyone’s jabbed – what’s the problem, Jose? I for one would like to know the answer to that question. Maybe, while we’re on the subject, we might pause and wonder who else among the great and the good may have chosen to dodge the bullet and take the saline instead.

Daily Mail online carried a headline on the 8th of June: Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register.

This is SADS – an acronym that stands for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – and according to the Royal Australian College of GPs, it occurs most commonly in people under 40. This is properly scary; I don’t mind telling you. Healthy young people are going to their beds of an evening and not waking up ever again, or otherwise going about their everyday business and dropping dead, for no identifiable medical reason.

The best anyone in the health professions can apparently do is describe it as mysterious, baffling even, that there are people under 40 dropping in their traces for no known cause. At the same time, around the world, there have been reports of many hundreds of sports men and women dying suddenly and unexpectedly in the past year – super fit individuals uniquely focussed on their own health – keeling over dead, often on the field of play.

Here at home we have had updated information campaigns about how important it is to be aware of the incidence of heart attacks and strokes. It has been deemed appropriate to remind us as well that heart attacks are not unknown in children. It’s almost as if we’re not to be unduly alarmed by the sight of passers-by dropping to their knees and clutching at their chests. Elsewhere there is a poster campaign about a rise in the number of cases of shingles. The small print on the posters mentions shingles may strike people with lowered immune systems. Fancy that.

Deaths have been attributed by coroners to the Covid vaccines. The numbers are disputed, but people have died on account of the jabs. That much at least is undeniable. Around the world there are millions of cases of alleged adverse reactions to the jabs – lives severely compromised in some cases. I won’t get into the numbers, because those are always disputed too – but the facts remain. People are dying.

The elephant in the room here is the Covid-19 vaccines – and again I make no apology at all about banging on about this topic week after week. The push to move on, to leave all talk of Covid and pandemic behind us, is palpable and, I would say, downright sinister. I am nowhere near ready to move on – not while there is still so much we do not know, so much we are not allowed to say, think and ask. We are told all about Covid 19 – and all manner of ways in which it might affect health long after a person has recovered from the initial infection. But as well as the pandemic, the other momentous arrival among us – indeed in just the past year and a half – is the biggest mass vaccination campaign in the history of the world – vaccination with products that had emergency approval, but in my opinion are experimental and for which no long term data is available – on account of their being brand new and just out of the box.

Billions of people around the world have submitted to the procedure. In a coercive and bullying atmosphere created by politicians and the media, that was mandatory in feel, if not in fact, unknown and unknowable numbers of people did so simply to keep their jobs, to get on a plane and go on holiday or to a gig – and yet in the midst of one report after another of otherwise unexplained sudden deaths in the past 18 months or so, the only emergent variable, the only new thing in the world that we are not allowed to discuss, absolutely not allowed to discuss far less point accusatory fingers at, is the mass vaccination programme.

Again, I ask the question I posed at the top of this piece – are we stupid? Or are we just being treated as if we’re stupid? Which is it?

We are certainly living, as the old Chinese curse has it, in interesting times. I for one cannot remember such a deluge of apparently unconnected events and bad news, all of it creating and maintaining a relentless anxiety and sense of impending doom. Pandemic … mass lockdowns … insistence on a climate crisis … fuel shortages … hikes in the price of fuel, energy, this, that and everything else … threat of global famine … war in Europe and no end in sight … talk of nuclear weapons and war … unconstrained illegal immigration … inflation … rising interest rates … unsustainable national debt … quantitative easing gone out of control like a runaway train … and all the while that lot is ticking over, sudden inexplicable deaths among the young and fit which we are not supposed to talk about it – or, at least, not openly and in a way that takes account of all emergent and contributory factors of interest.

Most recently we have had the advent of Monkeypox. A disease identified in African countries decades ago is, apparently, suddenly spreading around the world. More than 360 cases have already been identified in the UK. Monkeypox is routinely mentioned in the same breath as smallpox, that terrifying ghost from the all too recent past. For a while there, the official word was that 99 percent of those cases of monkeypox were in men who had had sex with other men – and that the infection was passed only by close and prolonged physical contact. Now, however, the Centre for Disease Control in the US has said monkeypox may be airborne, like our old friend Covid-19 – and that the wearing of masks might be a good idea again, just to be on the safe side, you might say.

It’s a basic question but – what on earth is going on here? Billionaire computer salesman Bill Gates and his cronies in matters of world health run simulations of pandemics caused by, say, let’s stick a wet finger above our heads to test the air … coronavirus and, oh, I don’t know … monkeypox – and then within months those simulations are followed by actual outbreaks of … coronavirus and monkey pox. Never mind software, that Gates chap really ought to branch out into crystal balls because the one he’s been using apparently works a treat.

And all the time, a constant background noise carries the message that the powers that be actually care about our health, along with the rest of our wellbeing. Last week brought the news as well of a proposed rise in the age when a person might buy cigarettes. That’s a good one, isn’t it – hard to argue that such a move is about anything other than saving us from ourselves. Except you could also justifiably point out that this is working towards prohibition, just another brick in the wall of controlled lives. That decision is not yours to make, little human, it is ours.

I was with my family in central London a couple of weeks ago and we couldn’t help but start counting the recently installed, gaudily coloured shop fronts that hadn’t been there the last time we walked those streets together. Willie Wonka style – offering all manner of sweets. I say we started counting but we lost track before the end – they seemed to be everywhere. I’m no health expert, as I freely declare, but those cathedrals to candies look to me like Type 2 Diabetes on a stick, to say the least. Consume your sugar sensibly, I’m sure those purveyors say in the small print on their products. Don’t smoke kids, suck this instead.

We are not well in the West, and in all manner of ways. Off the coast of North America, scientists are finding the fish full of anti-depressants, thanks to the amount of those drugs entering the water supply via the urine of millions of medicated people. Here at home in Britain other scientists find fish spontaneously changing sex on account of how much oestrogen is making its way into the water supply from women taking the contraceptive pill. Sperm counts are falling in British men at the same time, leading to falling fertility, but best we don’t bother our pretty little heads about that either.

When you think about it, we are being walked into the eye of a perfect storm. More and more people are dropping down dead, of no known cause whatever, and fewer babies are being conceived and born. That, my friends, is the road to nowhere.

Good questions . . . but, as observed, no answers that make sense.  Personally, after all that, I’m never again going to trust any government assurance that it/they have my interests in mind, and that if I just obey their edicts, all will be well.



  1. "…and for which no long term data is available – on account of their being brand new and just out of the box."

    NO, it is NOT new! An attempt to patent the vaxx was made in '06. Didn't get the ok, since it didn't meet any of the typical benchmarks of a vaccine. They were aware of the "side effects" of the jab from the research before it was put into production. Long list of them.

  2. That Spanish executive has also two Biochemistry professorships, one at the top Spanish university.

    Being from the same country, I could only think this CEO did not follow the "vaccine" hype, but he pretty much preferred to follow the science, at least for himself and his family, against the very prevailing, pro-vaccine Spanish public opinion.

  3. Where I work, CVD is definitely NOT over. They are talking, again, about the need for masking.
    Courts have forbidden them from requiring the vaccine, but they're talking about requiring weekly testing for everyone not vaccinated and boosted to whatever the current requirements are.
    Much of the country has moved on, but large parts have not.

  4. I know many people who are still talking about covid here in northern flyover country. The leftyier ones are insisting that, "NO! It's not just a bad cold!" when advised that if you're feeling ill, staying home, and especially away from people with compromised immune systems, would be a good thing regardless of if you think it's covid or a cold/flu.

    From what I remembered about mRNA therapy attempts in the past there was no way I was going to take the jab, especially having already survived the actual disease. Unfortunately my wife took it. I guess we'll see how the long term affects play out.

    Now that the Pfizer docs have been released that show they knew, and conspired with the feds to conceal, that there were known side effects along with the fact that it wasn't any more effective that not being "vaxxed" after a few weeks, if such intentional obfuscation and refusal to report to the public the efficacy and side effects will invalidate the legal protections the feds gave the pharma companies.

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