“We cannot get back to normal because normal is not allowed”


That’s from Neil Oliver, whom we’ve met in these pages before on several occasions.  Usually a transcript of his comments is available on GB News, but for some reason this past weekend’s commentary hasn’t been put up there in anything but video form.  Nevertheless, it’s (as always) wisdom worth hearing from an incisive observer of current events.  I urge you to take ten minutes to watch and/or listen to his remarks.

He calls it “nothing less than evil”.  I concur.



  1. While I'm not seeing how to stop this and undo the destruction of society, the societies worldwide, I'm at least comforted that people who are apparently sane,intelligent and able to be heard are saying things that I understand and agree with.
    What I absolutely do not understand is why the lefties who I show the clues that are obvious, right In Your Face things that show anyone who has the mental capacity to get a driver's license, when I point things out that should make them change their minds, they Tell Me I'm brainwashed, you know, brainwashed by the constant pressure to believe something.. And that Something that I believe just happens to not be anywhere in the legacy news cycle seen on almost every so called News Outlet. It's not possible to get someone to believe in an idea that is constantly being crushed by brainwashing.. The people who Are steeped in the Leftyville ideas are the brainwashed, not We who don't watch TV and let Them give us our Lens to see the world through. It is We who did not allow ourselves to be beaten into submission and take The Jab who have the most accurate understandings of reality.

    If I could have the money to do an experiment, I would like to have experienced, successful hypnotists around the country get volunteers who are actually willing, wanting to be hypnotized and see who succumbs. I'm most interested in the people who have always kinda Wanted to experience that, but the opportunity just never presented itself. I met a guy who dabbled in it and I wanted to be hypnotized, in search of early life stuff. We tried three times before he gave up. So why did I not get it? I wanted it..

    So what I'm thinking is
    People who do their own thinking can't be hypnotized.
    I'm betting the lefties are easily hypnotized.
    And people like us, just don't get hypnotized.

    The hypnotist can't know if the volunteers are lefties or Constitutionalists. The volunteers would answer a few questions and one would be, democrats or Republicans..

  2. My husband worked for many years as a stage hypnotist, and trained others to perform hypnosis. He thinks you are confusing a susceptibility to believe propaganda with hypnotism. The easiest people to hypnotize are highly intelligent, highly creative and imaginative people with an ability to concentrate on one thing for a measurable amount of time. Additionally, the person being hypnotized must believe the hypnotist is competent. However, there are other factors which all boil down to the fact that an individual person may be more or less hypnotizable at any particular time by any particular hypnotist. Simply because one hypnotist was unable to hypnotize you doesn't make you un-hypnotizable by another person, or at a different time. Also, he says it's easier to make people flap their arms like a chicken than to do past life regressions, because, in his opinion, they have to make those lives up from whole cloth. On the other hand, getting sucked into believing propaganda requires no intelligence or creativity or imagination, since all the thinking is done for you, and as long as you trust the outlets(s), and are too lazy to check the "facts" they are spewing, it's not difficult to understand how people get pulled into it. "Any lie repeated often enough…" The other way they get pulled into it is via mental illness, imho. I've watched that happen, and when people lost contact with reality, they can drag everyone who trusts their competence with them. So frustrating.

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