We’ve played this game with our cats, too . . .

A new Simon’s Cat video explores the world of bedsheets.

Whenever Miss D. and I make our bed, it’s like it was an instant cat attracter.  Kili, our adult female, is bad enough – she just stretches out on it and looks at us.  Ashbutt is a far more destructive player.  He’ll tackle each sheet and blanket as we try to stretch it out, attack our hands through the bedclothes, crawl up and down it trying to bat at us . . . he has a wonderful time.  It means that the bed takes three times longer to make than it should, but he has so much fun that we find it hard to begrudge him his playtime.



  1. That's a good one! And yes, cats WILL do that all day, in addition to the tricks with the laundry basket full of clean clothes!

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