“What do you mean, you won’t RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!!!???”


(For those who don’t recognize the demand in the headline, see here.)

The more one reads about the “power grabs”, the bureaucratic overreach and disdain for people’s rights exhibited by left-wing, progressive administrations across this country, the more one realizes that we have to stand up to them.  I don’t know where they got the idea that they can rule over any and every aspect of our lives, but it’s long gone time they were disabused of that notion.

I’m therefore heartened by the ongoing saga of Tinhorn Flats restaurant in Burbank, California.

The Burbank city Council of Ninnies, like most other municipal governments in Democrat-controlled states, ordered all restaurants to be shut on December 6, during the most recent “surge.” This included outdoor dining, even after restaurants had invested tens of thousands of dollars each into proper safety measures and taking other steps necessary to actually serve food outside.

Need we mention the absurdity of banning outdoor dining at all?

Tinhorn Flats is a family-owned and operated bar and restaurant that has been operating in Burbank for many years.  The owners decided on December 10 to stay open regardless of any government order to shut, and has been serving outdoors since then.  Their health permit was revoked December 12.

And they stayed open!  Huzzah!

. . .

From December 13 to February 9, the L.A. County Department of Health cited the restaurant for 36 separate days operating on a “suspended public health permit.”

Tinhorn Flats stayed open.  Patriots like myself visited, ate food, and had beers.

On January 12, the LA County Attorney issued a cease-and-desist letter.

Tinhorn Flats stayed open. Patriots like myself visited, ate food, and had beers.

Two weeks later, the county filed a lawsuit for violating the “emergency health orders” and “abatement of public nuisance.” Apparently not satisfied with simply suspending the public health permit, the county also took the extra step of actually revoking the permit.

Tinhorn Flats stayed open. Patriots like myself visited, ate food, and had beers.

Then the Burbank City Council of Ninnies revoked the conditional use permit that allowed Tinhorn Flats to operate on February 22.

Tinhorn Flats stayed open, etc, etc.

A week later the Burbank City Council of Ninnies filed a lawsuit for violating the municipal code, and the week after that the L.A. County Superior Court issued a temporary restraining order against the restaurant.

Tinhorn Flats stayed open, etc, etc.

Here’s the best part: a few days ago, the Burbank City Council of Ninnies told a kangaroo-court hearing, in which it was obvious they had already made up their minds, demanding that the restaurant stop serving. A few days later, they cut power to the restaurant.

So what happened? Patriots and patrons donated generators and other gear so that the restaurant could continue to operate. And customers are still coming to the restaurant.

We’re not done yet. The Burbank City Council of Ninnies ordered the doors of the restaurant to be locked. It just so happens that Tinhorn Flats is famous for its swinging doors, like the saloons of the Old West.  They cover those over at night with two large doors – which they REMOVED to prevent them from being padlocked!

Somehow, the next day, the doors reappeared and were padlocked, and so was the side entrance. Tinhorn Flats then posted picture on their Facebook page showing the side door was open, that they were open for business, and that anyone could come. As I write this article, on the evening of St. Patrick’s Day, the place is hopping and packed both indoors and outdoors. I had a wonderful burger and fries there today.

By the way, all of this followed an order by another L.A. County judge requiring the county to show evidence that the ban was necessary.  This the county failed to do,  but the judge sadly didn’t overturn the ban.  Yet it was this ruling that bolstered Tinhorn Flats’ position that every step being taken against the restaurant was illegal.

As the owner of Tinhorn Flats has publicly said, this has nothing to do with safety, but fear and control. Their mantra is “we will not comply.” These four words should stir the hearts and souls of every freedom – loving American.

There is nothing special about the five petty tyrants on the City Council.  As we’ve learned over the past year, politicians have no special knowledge of, and absolutely no clue about, epidemiology or how to have properly managed this “pandemic.” This is about fear and control, and a group of five power-mad individuals who want to assert their authority over others.

. . .

These petty tyrants don’t seem to realize that they have awakened a sleeping tiger. People from all over the city are patronizing the restaurant. Support is pouring in from all over the country.

Nor do they realize that nothing will stop me or anyone else from patronizing this business.  We are the ocean of freedom and we will flow around any obstacles in our way.

There’s more at the link.

The latest development is that the City Council has ordered the padlocks removed from the doors, ostensibly for “public safety” reasons.

In a press release issued today, the city of Burbank says:

“After monitoring social media posts and seeing numerous people inside the locked building, the City Manager and City Attorney directed Burbank Fire along with Burbank Police to visit the establishment. Upon verification of people inside, the City unlocked the front door as this was the only responsible action to protect human life.

“Tin Horn Flats continues to be irresponsible in their actions. Last night’s reckless behavior reflects a lack of concern for their patrons’ wellbeing. They continue to care more about defying the Court’s Orders than the health and safety of the community,’ said City Manager Justin Hess.”

2021 is young but to say that Tinhorn Flats is in flagrant violation of local laws, public health decrees and multiple court might be the understatement of the year.

. . .

At this point, is there any food-related regulatory agency in Los Angeles County that isn’t trying to shut down Tinhorn Flats — or at least make it comply with public health orders?

The Old West-themed bar and restaurant has spent months fighting them all and, so far, it appears to be winning… and by winning we mean it has stayed open.

Again, more at the link.

If Tinhorn Flats were in our part of the world, its owners’ attitude would meet with even more widespread approval – and probably support from fully-armed patrons, determined to resist bureaucratic overreach.  If I know our local law enforcement agencies, their members would make up a significant proportion of the restaurant’s patrons!

I don’t know whether this will end well for the restaurant’s owners.  Bureaucrats and administrators in California – at least the progressive, left-wing, liberal parts of California – appear to have little common sense, even less empathy, and no sense of humor whatsoever.  I daresay they have their knives out for the owners, and will do their best to make them pay for their defiance.

Nevertheless, I can only applaud that defiance.  Patrons who choose to go there do so of their own free will, fully informed of the risks involved.  They’re voting with their feet and their wallets.  When prohibitions and regulations are so manifestly nonsensical from a medical standpoint, why should anybody obey them?  I’m sick and tired of the Karens who pontificate that we should trust the authorities and do what they say, when the contrast between lockdown states, and those who chose to give their people greater freedom to decide for themselves, is so marked.  The “OBEY OR ELSE!!!” states are almost uniformly worse off in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic – some dramatically so – than the states that implemented more relaxed measures.  That says it all, right there.  To hell with the Nanny State!

If I were in or near Burbank, I’d be dining at Tinhorn Flats every day, in order to display two lifted fingers (and my teeth) to the city council.  As it is, I’ve sent a donation to the owners.  They deserve our support, IMHO.



  1. While I do, to a large extent, comply. It has more to do with deferring to my “RN” wife and her assessments of our vulnerability( we’re both seniors with health issues). With that said, I believe you should be able to make your own choices. You don't have to agree with mine and I don't need to agree with yours.

  2. @unknown: This will continue until a violent response is the result. At this point, I consider violence to be inevitable. By arresting and jailing those who wish to remain free to live their lives, the power mad dictators have already initiated violence.

    I wait to see who responds, and when.

  3. California will keep after them until something works and they're forced to close. At that point, I hope the entire family picks up, packs up and moves to a free state.

  4. Here in Texas, there are a lot of scared bunnies still wearing their masks after all the businesses continued to mandate them despite state cancellation. I don't and haven't worn them since I found they were ineffective. Confronted with his freedom, man begs for his chains.

    1. At least in Dallas, a good mix of businesses are "recommending" rather than requiring masks. Even in the businesses that "require" masks, I've been wearing a neck gaiter pulled up under (but not covering) my nose, and no one has said peep.

      It's hard for people to admit they were wrong. Don't frighten and alienate your neighbors in the meantime (which will cause them to double down.) Just keep being a happy warrior and let them decide it was their own idea.

  5. I am within range, and will be dining there weekly, ad infinitum, until they win their suit.
    I've never been there before. But this I can do.

    And if they're literally burned out, I'll contribute funds to rebuild it.

    Government overreach needs to learn when they're not playing ball with the people they're supposed to serve, and are about to have the bat shoved up their @$$, high and hard, with barned wire wrapped around the business end.

    If I can, after I visit, I'll forward pics by the end of this week.

  6. Saturday night I attended a private poker tournament held in someone's home.
    21 players, 3 tables, eventually consolidated into a single final table as folks busted out.
    I think I counted four wearing masks, and that intermittently as snacks were consumed. The issue came up in casual conversation during the breaks in play.
    Turns out most everyone had already had the virus, had gotten their vaccination shots, or both. The few in masks were treated with respect on the assumption that it was their choice. A couple offered details on what drove their decision, mostly them living with others at high risk.
    The PTB turned 2 weeks to flatten the curve into a year of punishment and isolation. The people have had enough and are making their reluctance to continue this farce clear. And when authority reacts with violence they will be met with the same.

  7. It should be noted that Burbank is the detestable Peter "Sheit for brains" Schiff. I'm surprised he hasn't weighed in with "definitive evidence" that the proprietors are Russian agents being paid directly by Putin himself.

  8. I've been past, and I think my late wife and I visited once. Haven't been over since, though I should go. You have to understand though…people around here are *terrified* of what they've been told is the Bubonic Plague. Almost no one realizes that they don't know anyone who's gotten it, or who's died of it. Among my circle of friends, exactly two people know someone who's died of it. One works in nursing homes (be surprised if she *didn't* know anyone who'd died of it) and the other was a guy whose mother, in her late 80s, was thought to be dying before she caught it. Given that, I've actually been mask-shamed while walking my dog (I just looked at her, confused) and businesses here rigidly enforce the mask mandate. Happily no one in a restaurant has tried to make me wear a mask between bites, as our idiot governor once tweeted…before he visited that hilariously expensive and exclusive restaurant in Napa and ignored all of his own mandates.

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