What do you mean, you’ve never heard of Ed Gruberman?


In a recent exchange of messages with a friend, I said to him at one point, “Learn from your mistakes.  Don’t be an Ed Gruberman!”  This led to the puzzled rejoinder, “Who’s Ed Gruberman?”

I could hardly believe my eyes.  Someone who didn’t know about the immortal life lesson learned by Ed Gruberman?  Impossible! – but there we were.  Oh, well.  I could fix that.

Those of you who’ve never heard of Canadian comedy troupe The Frantics (often given airtime by Dr. Demento on his radio show), or the martial art known as “Ti Kwan Leep“, are in for a treat.  The rest of us will enjoy the replay.  (If the embedded video doesn’t play for some reason, you’ll find it here.)

Well, now you’ve heard of Ed Gruberman.  Don’t be like him!



  1. Ahh, good old Ed Gruberman. Love the Frantics. Rick Green went on to host "Prisoners of Gravity" About comics, science fiction, and general geekiness, and also on the "Red Green" Show as Bill in "Adventures with Bill".

  2. I've heard this sketch (shoot, I have a copy of it!) but never new the name of the group who put it together until now. YES!

    Iirc they also did a similar sketch about the reading of a will…

  3. Our dojo has done this as a skit. My favorite line is, "You are lucky Ed Gruberman, few students experience so much of Ti Qwon Leap so soon."

  4. Had I been told that, my reaction would also have been, "Who?"

    Which tells just how much of an impression the multiple hearings of that bit have had. Or, at least, it's been a while. I has half expecting it to be Diehard reference I would never get. (the more arguing about that film, the less inclined I am to ever bother with it.)

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