What made Chuck Jones so great?

Yesterday’s cartoon led me to do a little research about Chuck Jones, one of the seminal figures in the field.  To my joy, I found this analysis on Vimeo.  It’s well worth your time.  I suggest you watch it in full-screen mode for the best effect.

Classic indeed . . . We are diminished by Mr. Jones’ enforced absence.



  1. What a master! Years ago, I learned to recognize his cartoons vs. the other guys who did Looney Tunes. To me, he was the best.

    It's doubtful we'll ever see another guy like Chuck Jones.

  2. Jones had a great deal of respect for another animator, Tex Avery. Avery started at Warner Brothers, then moved to MGM. The lunacy of his cartoons was often inspired. I once saw an interview of Jones where he compared himself to Chaplain and Avery to the Marx brothers.

  3. I believe it was Chuck Jones who massively tested his jokes by editing down what's on the screen. If he can get a joke with certain amount of frame, he'll keep editing it down until it's no longer funny. This enforces a certain amount of discipline in comedy.

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