1. Commont-on dit en francais "oops"?


    And "French soldiers" and "in an unnamed country" really doesn't narrow it down much ….

  2. A tired old joke just got a revival.
    "French SPG for sale. Only dropped once."

    I was going to comment on the lack of nous displayed, then remembered some of the 'good ideas' I had in my youth. Ambulance unintentionally airborne over a motor cross track started out as one of them.

  3. Birmingham AL, almost had the same thing happen to a ladder truck a few days ago. The flatbed truck was no strong enough and it blow the tires of the flatbed and sheared a pin and left a million+ dollar ladder listing badly.

  4. The UN concept of camouflage is absolutely hilarious.

    Note that vehicle is not coming from the factory or repair – it says UN on the side in big letters.

    Are the rest of their fighting doctrines equally asinine?

  5. Yep. I like the "don't shoot at me" paint scheme. It may be fine when people either can't or won't shoot at you but if/when someone decides to break the rules….

  6. Reminds me of passing a M1070HET loaded with an Abrams alongside I-70 at Ft Riley, KS. About eight tires on the left side were shredded. At least it was upright.

  7. Probably more like MERDE!
    Probably in Mali as they're moving some of their stuff out, and leaving.

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