When bloggers and writers meet

Miss D. and I have had a fun evening with Mike Z. Williamson and his daughter, who’re overnighting with us on their way down to LibertyCon in Chattanooga this weekend.  We’ll be attending too, so we all got a head start tonight on the blogger reunions that are going to occur from tomorrow onwards.  We all have stories to share from our varied and interesting pasts, causing much laughter and attempts to top each tale as it’s told.  Fun!

Blogging will be light from tomorrow onward, as we travel down to Chattanooga and settle into the convention routine.  I’m looking forward to meeting Sarah Hoyt, Larry Correia and other blogging and writing friends of long standing.  I’ll keep you posted on developments, and try to put up a blog post now and again as time allows.



  1. Dang Peter;

    If I didn't have to work this weekend(overtime) I would be there since I live about 2 hours from Chattanooga. *dang*

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