When the law is an ass

This infuriates me.

Welcome to the Garden State. Just leave your guns at the border, please. Local news outlets are reporting on a court case which has recently come to a close wherein a citizen, identified only as Z.L., had applied for a gun permit in 2013. Keep in mind that this is not a permit to carry… just to be able to purchase and own a gun. He was turned down because the background investigation revealed that he had been arrested on a domestic violence charge fifteen years earlier. But he was acquitted on the charge, so we should be able to clear this one up fairly quickly, right? Well, not in New Jersey, folks.

. . .

The case of Z.L. should serve as a warning of precisely how far off the constitutional beam things have gone in New Jersey and how badly they can go in other states with similarly unconstitutional views on the subject. Keep in mind that one of the bedrock principles of American justice is that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. Simply being accused of something is not sufficient grounds for any sort of punishment and when you are found not culpable by a jury of your peers the matter is closed. Whatever incident spurred the action is no longer fodder to be held over your head at a later date. But in New Jersey, simply having an accusation raised against you – no matter how specious it may be – can be used as the rationale to punish you later if you seek to exercise your fundamental rights.

There’s more at the link.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

What do you do when corrupt politicians pass laws that enable this sort of blind bureaucratic stupidity?  The man was acquitted, for heaven’s sake!  He’s never been found guilty of any criminal offense, as far as I can tell – so why is he being denied his constitutional rights?

This needs to go to the Supreme Court.



  1. EVERY single politician, police officer, and government employee needs to be accused of domestic violence or other disqualifying crime. Every. Single. One. This sort of crap won't stop until it hurts them, personally. Make it hurt.

    And shit like this is what makes me say I will NEVER, EVER vote for Chris Christie for president.

  2. Rolf,
    It would not make any difference- in the modern police state, everyone is guilty- the difference comes in who the law is enforced against. Being "connected" is the armor of corruption.
    I believe Ayn Rand had some pertinent words about this.

  3. Somebody keeps touting Christie as a candidate. Like hell. I know the Governor can't just change laws on his own because we want the process followed for the simple reason that the next Evil party governor puts them all back in place. But he should be pushing it in the state legislature Every Freakin' Day. He should be a tireless advocate in the press.

    Instead of hugging Obama, Christie should be hugging Wayne The Peter.

  4. Raven – oh, I understand that completely. But there are a lot that don't, and don't follow politics much. They can't see even the most egregious hypocrisy until it's rubbed in their face blatant. Those are who the real targets of such an action are – get them to wake up, see it, and consider changing their votes. Many won't… but some will.

  5. Welcome to the Northeast, where Liberty goes to die. New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, D.C., Connecticut, and probably soon, Pennsylvania, are all lefty bastions of heteronomy.

    I have to assume the people living there prefer it like that because they keep electing the same people to run their gulag year after year. Unfortunately, some Americans find themselves snared in the nets from time to time.

  6. I had lot's of chances to shoot matches in NJ and declined everyone because this could happen. If they found hollow point bullets in your range bag and you face additional charges for every round.


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