When politicians attack the police, they encourage criminals

Staggering under a drumroll of criticism (some – but not all – of it justified, let it be said), police forces in major cities are “pulling in their horns”, so to speak.  It may not be official policy, but cops are no longer willing to put themselves at excessive risk to safeguard cities whose administrations will “throw them to the wolves” at the slightest hint of a problem, treating them as useful scapegoats instead of valued contributors to keeping the peace.  I’ve heard from several of my law enforcement friends around the country that they, and their colleagues, are now encouraging each other to put their safety first, rather than that of the public, because no-one else is going to do that – certainly not their politically correct superior officers.  It’s hard to blame them.

Sadly, those same politically correct superiors and city administrators are soft-pedaling crime and criminals.  For example, in New York:

City shootings piled up at a rate of one per hour on Saturday — with more gunplay on Sunday — as an NYPD chief warned that hundreds of gun-possession defendants have been allowed to prowl Gotham thanks to coronavirus-closed courts.

“We have over 1,000 people that have been indicted on a gun possession charge, where the cases are open, and they are walking around the streets of New York today,” Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri told The Post.

That tally doesn’t include about 800 additional defendants who are charged with illegally packing heat but have yet to be formally indicted when the courts ground to a halt, LiPetri said.

There’s more at the link.

Just look at the figures from the Fathers Day weekend.  In New York, “28 shootings in 72 hours“.  In Chicago, “14 Dead, 88 Injured“.  BizPacReview summarizes, “Deadly weekend in city after city, as full-on assault against police begins to bear wicked fruit“.

Actions have consequences.  Whether you’re an individual or a city or a political movement, if you attack police, denigrate their reputation, demoralize their officers and treat them like dirt, they’re going to look after themselves first, rather than you.  It’s human nature.  In such an environment, crime and criminals will flourish.  As the New York Post points out:

“This is what the politicians wanted — no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone,” one angry law enforcement source said Friday.

“All those things equal people walking around on the street with guns, shooting each other.”

Again, more at the link.

As for officers themselves, the Second City Cop blog (based in Chicago) has a suggestion for Seattle police, who are likely to be sent in soon to clean up the CHOP protest zone in that city.

We would hope the [police] union would recommend its members don’t make a single move without two pieces of paper in the hands of every single officer:

  • A signed and notarized blanket Pardon from the governor
  • A signed and notarized blanket Pardon from the president

This would cover State and Federal charges that are certain to be raised at some point by politicos looking to score points. We doubt that everyone is going to go peacefully, and we all know every single incident of lawful force is going to be recorded, edited and misinterpreted for maximum propaganda purposes against law enforcement.

Makes sense to me, from the cops’ perspective.  They already know they’re going to be scapegoated.  Why not take precautions against that happening again?

Faced with the inability of police to control this surge in crime and violence, how should we protect ourselves?  Step One is, of course, to stay away from the most crime-ridden areas;  but that’s no longer guaranteed to work, because criminals don’t necessarily confine themselves to their familiar stamping-grounds any longer.  No, we have to defend ourselves if and when the cops can’t do so – and there’s only one practical, effective way to do that.  Sadly, that’ll contribute to the increase in violence – but we didn’t ask for that increase in the first place, and I have no sympathy for those who’ve caused it.  As Jeff Cooper pointed out:

If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.




  1. The Marxists always encourage criminality as part of their hostile takeovers. It's a well established part of their playbook.

    They can't "save us from chaos" if they don't instigate and control the chaos first.

  2. Given the demonstrated surveillance tech of the Federal Government over the past decade you cannot tell me they don't know who the troublemakers (Antifa-BLM etc.) are, who pays them, who provides legal and medical and logistics support (cough Soros). THAT and the obvious political restraining and muzzling of the police in Socialist-Democratic controlled cities leading to even more shootings-robberies-riots and such, that this is not designed to make the country Ungovernable and that PLUS a August Stock market crash for the "Great Depression Hoover Effect" to insure President Trump loses the election August 3rd.

    That leads me to accept there troublemakers (political as well as the violent) ARE doing the will of the 3 letter agencies that would prefer General Flynn NEVER have his gag order removed and Trumps annoying habit of wanting the Russia Gate plotters brought to trial. Given Hillary's famous comment "Why does that matter NOW?" attitude of the elite I expect once the senile sock puppet is elected General Flynn will have an accident and all Russia Gate annoyance will vanish.

    August 3rd is coming folks, mail in COVID19 fraud is coming folks. As Stalin said "It is important the people vote, it is MORE Important WHO Counts the Votes". Given the infamous use of "Lost mail in votes FOUND in someone's car trunk" from past Democratic frauds why should they change their habits?

    Personally I think the rioting and such is the Deep States showing Trump they will burn it all down IF he pushes for trials and prison for Russia Gate and thus Trumps slowness to push the issue. As an old saying goes "You can make nice to a Hungry Tiger BUT He will still EAT you" applies to the Deep State at this moment of history.

    All above my paygrade to change, so I prepare to ride out the storm and protect my family and trusted friends as I suspect senile "Uncle Joe AND the REAL President the so far unannounced VP will run our country into Venezuela 2.0 American Surveillance State.

    The count down is rolling what are YOU going to do TODAY aside from kvetching on the internet? As my old Drill SGT Said "Move it or lose it".

  3. Sorry incomplete message. What am I DOING today? Planting more potatoes and beans as I have plenty of growing season left for some extra. Rebuilding and expanding my solar dehydrator this week for even more ability to dehydrate those potatoes (dry beans etc.) to put away in simple recycled spaghetti sauce jars (don't require canning folks).

    Food is a weapon, extra food has many uses like supporting trusted friends and simple trade.

    Time is something we all have, exactly 24 hours a day. How many days until August 3 2020?

    "Move it or lose it".

  4. Gaak sorry should review before posting friends, please replace August 3rd in two above posting for Nov 3rd when the presidential election occurs.

  5. People must realize that, except for a very few, politicians are mentally deficient. All they did was when an election and even that was done on their own. Its a club to their own.

    Think of the most 'brain dead' person you have ever run across. Would you place that person anywhere close to a position of power or authority?

    Even those politicians who are actually learned, not only acquired of knowledge but the wisdom of how to use that knowledge, once they become encased in the ivory towers of government are ignorant of the daily affairs of those citizens they pretend to govern.

    Because of their mental deficiencies and because they have insulated themselves from the People, they are not representative of the People. At some level they know this so have developed a defensive attitude which is mainly apathetic of the People.

    Yet because they remain at the behest of the vote, they devise strategies to fool the People. And this usually results in divisions among the People. When the People realize this is the reality, they will forbid themselves to serve the politician in their heinous schemes.

    Yes, it is more convoluted than this but this is only the basis from whence to start.

  6. Interesting viewpoint Rick. So we elect Morons to lead us is the gist of your thoughts?

    Pretty SUCCESSFUL Morons given that they walk into the Job typically Middle Class and soon "Become" wildly wealthy from all the pots of cash we the people leave around for them…

    AND they generally get Re-elected time after time to become LIFELONG Politicians and put their family members into that system… I think the percentage is in the high 90%'s lately. Even AOC (almost Cortex) from NY and the House "Squad" is going to get re-elected.

    They are insulated FROM the people like a Farmer that tends the Turkeys to KILL THEM and put the up for sale at Thanksgiving.

    I have met some professional politicians, have shared a few cups of coffee with Bernie Sanders over the years, not folks I want as neighbors but they are NOT STUPID.

    As Sun Tsz might say "Underestimating your enemy is the path to failure, slavery and death".

  7. On the one hand, throwing type 1-4 (okay to really decent) police to the wolves guarantees the Ferguson Effect. On the other hand, police join forces to protect type 5s from consequences of serious abuse. And most are willing to enforce unconstitutional laws. Including arresting a man for passing out free samples of the gospel on a public sidewalk and stealing the camera of the man recording their crime

    Really quite a pickle we're in.

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