Where do all our democratic socialists come from? The US education system, of course!

Bill Whittle lays it out in this video clip.  It’s well worth your time to watch it.

That’s why our society appears to be infested with liberal idiots, democratic socialists, Antifa, radical feminists, and the like.  They’re almost all the product of the tarnished, propagandistic, left-wing-hijacked American educational system.

For the love of God, if you have children or grandchildren, please see to it that they’re given enough food for thought to counteract this inadequate preparation for life and progressive brainwashing!  Home schooling is a good start, for those in a position to provide it.  A solid family life (including extended family) and exposure to the practicalities (rather than esoteric theories) of life from an early age goes a long way, too.  Sending them to the latest superhero movie, or providing them with a smartphone or tablet from an early age, does nothing for them.  It merely exposes them to more of what Bill Whittle portrays.  Break that cycle.  Teach them to be well-rounded, well-grounded human beings first.  The rest will follow – and they won’t fall into the progressive trap.

Sadly, of course, that means they need well-rounded, well-grounded human beings from whom to learn about reality, and who are willing to exert the required effort to impart that.  There aren’t enough to go around, these days.  I can see that very clearly in the children of my friends.  Some are a delight, even in their early years;  well-disciplined without being subdued, playful yet polite, the usual childhood naughtiness but tempered with awareness of what is and isn’t right, interested and inquisitive about life without being pests.  Others . . . not so much.



  1. I'm passing this video on to everyone with children or grandchildren.
    I've long said that educators are teaching our children "what" to think, not "how" to think.
    If you have children or grandchildren, you MUST take the time to teach them yourself; do not let the government do it for you.

  2. When I was in schools (12th grade in '70) (13 different schools by then), the majority of teachers were women. That is problem #2, just behind the indoctrination of the courses themselves. Socialism is the default setting for females, and it requires instruction to counter this. Female teachers tend to be true believers, which I suspect is one of the factors in their dominance of the teaching profession. Like attracts like, so the pipeline of future teachers is filled with them.

    It seems pretty obvious that socialism is a belief system, and changing peoples thinking on that is not a trivial action. With enough public condemnation you might get them to back off in their fervor, but you won't really change their thinking. The key would seem to be to get people programmed when young to see how bad it can be, but I'm not sure how effective that would be to counter the religious (that's a belief system) thinking that is the basis for it.

  3. "Socialism is the default setting for females"
    How true. The Momma gene, they have to control everything.

  4. One of my memories of high school as a junior in 1969 was an English teacher telling me, personally, that his job was to teach his students to think.
    It has been my experience that English teachers excel at getting their students to think.

  5. Ned,
    it's not so much control, as they are looking for security. They NEED to feel safe, and secure, and provided for, to raise a family. A strong male, or facsimile, such as a politician promising to give them things and make them safe, is what they are wired to desire. Socialism in a family setting, or from the .gov, feels the same to them. That's why there was the big push to give women the vote, and one of the reasons that the Founders DIDN'T give it to them. They knew better.

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