Who will be the left’s new Messiah, and when will they take charge?

Matt Bracken put into words yesterday something I’ve been wondering about for a long time.

Please think a few plays ahead on the chess board, and take a moment to ponder the current power of the latent rage of the millions of Antifa/BLM/RevCom fanatics, considering that they have not yet even found their charismatic cult leader!

Leaderless rage, already rampant, will be multiplied many fold when their electrifying fuhrer emerges.

Imagine the danger they will pose with a popular and charismatic Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che or Jim Jones figure to lead them, who will be praised by both the Marxist Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party as the 2nd coming of JC.

That’s a very good point indeed.

If you look at the wave of unrest and demonstrations that have swept across this country with lightning speed over the past six weeks since the death of George Floyd, a number of things become very, very clear.

  • These were and are not spontaneous demonstrations.  There’s far too much evidence of careful organization and preparation, from pre-positioning riot materials like bricks, to organizing the demonstrations with outriders signaling where the police were (and weren’t), “colonels” directing operations, different groups of people performing different tasks to keep the pot boiling, etc.  The simultaneous outbreak of such riots in literally hundreds of cities is, in itself, irrefutable evidence of organization.  Who is behind them?  Who prepared all this months, if not years, in advance, ready to take advantage of any suitable pretext to unleash havoc upon this country?
  • That level of organization demands major funding.  We’re not talking a few hundred here and a few thousand there:  we’re talking tens, if not hundreds of millions, to train organizers, buy equipment (noticed how many of the riot organizers were wearing earpieces and throat microphones, leading to radios operating on common frequencies, and frequently encrypted?  The police certainly have.)  Who has enough money to provide that level of funding?  Why would they do so, so far in advance of the “need”, unless they expected to get a return on that investment?
  • This organized chaos also demands a level of prearranged coordination with other power centers such as political parties, news media, social media, etc.  Notice how, the instant the riots erupted, there were journalists, TV stations, newspapers, etc. all ready to report on them, publicize their grievances, and pummel America with propaganda about their cause?  Notice how politicians on the left immediately fell into lockstep in their response, all parroting the same pablum for public consumption?  Notice how many left-wing administrations in cities and states actively sought to promote the rioters’ agenda, and restrained law enforcement from moving against them?  Again, that level of coordination implies a much higher level of command and control than mere happenstance could explain – so who’s providing it?

Those factors indicate that a truly massive infrastructure has already been prepared, all below the surface and out of sight.  It’s like an iceberg.  The top one-eighth is above the surface and visible to the naked eye.  The vast bulk of the thing – seven-eighths of it – is invisible, hidden beneath the water, but its sheer mass dominates and controls the part that can be seen.

That’s the situation we’re in right now with the unrest in America.  What we see is bad enough, but it’s probably only a very small part of what’s going on beneath the surface.  Why would it be below the surface?  Why would it be hidden?  Because those running it know it would never be accepted by Americans if it were visible.  They’re keeping it under wraps until they can foist it upon us – and they don’t plan to do that until they have everything in place to sweep them, and their grand design, into power.  It’ll be nothing less than a populist coup attempt, ostensibly driven by the current unrest, but in reality driving that unrest itself, and organizing it for its own purposes.

Who are these shadowy “powers behind the throne”?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I don’t think a single figure like George Soros, the bogeyman beloved of right-wing conspiracy theorists, is the mastermind (although he may well be among the cabal running things).  This is far too big and too well organized for that.  It’s certainly globalist in scope and intention, based on the comments we’ve seen come out of populist demonstrations worldwide.  It’s clearly antithetical to individual freedom, subordinating that to the interests of the group – society as a whole.  Finally, it’s anti-democratic.  Free will and “one man, one vote” are unimportant in its scheme of things.  It would rather organize a shrieking emotional mob to demand, coerce, cajole and insist on something, so that the authorities cave into the mob in the name of “maintaining social peace” – even if that’s not what the “silent majority” want.  Human rights are almost always portrayed by the mob as collective rights, not individual.  You want freedom of speech?  Only if it’s approved speech!  The individual doesn’t count.

How can we get closer to identifying these people and influences?  A good start would be to look at those who’ve been the eminences grises of previous globalist, populist administrations and leaders, and see what they’re doing now.  Anyone wondered what Valerie Jarrett is up to lately?  Notice how she was a major part of Organizing for America, which has since become Organizing for Action?  It’s interesting that none of that is mentioned in her Wikipedia page.  One wonders why not.  And who is she reporting to?  She’s not the “big cheese”, the leader in her own right – she’s one facet of the visible part of the iceberg, but reporting to the massive part below the surface.  There are many like her.  Rahm EmanuelEric Holder?  They, and many other former leading lights of the Obama administration, appear to be deliberately trying to stay out of the public eye at present.  That’s strange behavior from those who did all they could to get into the public eye, earlier in their careers.  Why, one wonders?  If not them, then who will be their successors?  Iceberg, much?  Above the surface versus below the surface?  What’s going on?

I suggest that there are three elements we need to watch very carefully.  I think we’ll see some or all of them come into play, and very soon now.

  1. Joe Biden is clearly almost senile, to judge by the evidence available to us.  He’s not fit to be President of the United States.  He’ll either be kept in place as a temporary, short-term figurehead, with his Vice-President to be the real candidate for power, or he’ll be shunted aside for some specious reason at the Democratic Party convention, and replaced with a more exciting, more populist candidate.  What happens may be a combination of both – a populist Vice President who campaigns as if the election were all about him/her as President.  Watch who’s nominated for that post, and draw your own conclusions.
  2. Watch for the (probably to be acclaimed by the media as “spontaneous”, but in reality pre-planned) emergence of consensus around a popular leader who can be built up in the news as someone capturing the popular imagination.  It may be a demagogue in the mold of a Sharpton or Farrakhan, someone who rabble-rouses, who uses emotion rather than logic or reason to whip up the masses and beat down opposition.  He or she won’t debate, they’ll demand.  They won’t negotiate, they’ll issue ultimatums.  Do it their way, or risk civil war.  Some leaders of the riots are already sounding just like that, but they’re minor players.  Look for a major player who’ll utter the same threats.
  3. A third possibility, possibly closely associated with the second, is the emergence of a “lightbringer” such as former President Obama was expected to be by a large part of the progressive Left.  This person will offer a seemingly reasoned, rational, peaceful alternative to mob violence and excess, but it’ll be in coded language that basically demands the same things.  The idea will be to offer him/her to a panicked electorate as a safe choice.  “Vote for this person, and all the nasty rioters will calm down and go away.”  Such a candidate will, of course, be just as dangerous to our constitutional republic (if not more so) than a more publicly extreme alternative, but that will be carefully concealed from the electorate by a complicit news media.

The current unrest almost demands its Messiah, a “lightbringer” who will fulfil the desires of all the demonstrators, bring peace to riot-torn cities, and stop those nasty “deplorables”, “bitter clingers” and “racists” from imposing their oppression on the rest of enlightened society.  Who will that Messiah be?  Watch closely, and wait.  I don’t think it’ll be long before we find out.

My best guess?  I’m watching Michelle Obama very closely.  I think, of all the candidates now out there, declared and undeclared, she’s best positioned to take advantage of the situation.  Her husband has an enormously positive reputation among the left, which she shares by extension, and his presence on the campaign trail would boost her chances enormously.  Their shared organization, now known as “Organizing for Action“, is ready and waiting, an already-structured and -staffed campaign ready to jump into immediate action.

I could be wrong, of course.  It may be that the Obamas are carrying too much baggage from their years in the White House to be trusted with the levers of power once again.  Perhaps someone entirely new is being groomed for the slot.  Whoever they are, the infrastructure is already in place to back them up.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



  1. Regarding funding: there's a vast network of fundraising operations, with basically zero accountability for where the money ends up. I've lately developed a suspicion that their primary purpose is not so much fundraising as tracking everyone who has ever donated to any part of the Cause and applying nonstop propaganda.
    And now, there's a mighty fine extortion racket going on. Don't want your stores burned down? Be sure to give generously! (Donors' stores will still get burned down, but corporate boards are not noted for their learning ability.)

  2. I am with you on this one…. Michelle and Valerie would be my guess, Much will depend on who ends up VP for the "tell" for surely "they" are the ones doing the choosing.

  3. Maybe Michelle but she needs a couple of sky caps to tote her baggage and I don’t think The One would be able to overcome that. Hillary! Is still very thirsty for the position, given the fact that it’s doubtful Ol’ Joe will make it to convention, much less, November. Rahm Emanuel is still too divisive but he could be cleaned up properly and presented as the left’s “adult”.

    In order to win over the majority of their party, the left has to use a white guy; I’m gonna call it: Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg can claim his “leadership” bona fides by pointing to his term as NYC mayor where he hijacked Rudy’s accomplishments, plus he has enough political capital (IMHO) to exploit his hatred of Trump. His slogans (Rebuild America, Fighting for our future, A new choice for Democrats, Mike Will Get It Done, I Like Mike) are acceptable to most Americans, plus he can frame DeBlasio by pointing to the stunning lack of leadership and profligate spending during DeBlasio’s administration.

    Of course, he would have to pick a “female of color” for the VP position and that would be Val Demings (D-Fl). My money is on the Bloomberg/Demings ticket.

  4. My money is on absolutely none of this happening, at least not this year, for the following reasons:
    A. The internet allows for things to spread extraordinarily quickly, and nationwide unrest in response to a particular incident was possible even fifty years ago.
    B. COVID created an environment where the potential sparks of the Arbery and Floyd incidents fell on dry tinder. That's why things went from zero to riot so quickly.
    C. While there are people who've been preparing for this, they're honestly more along the lines of the boogaloo boys than any kind of centralized organization. If there was an actual organization, there wouldn't be nearly as many own goals happening on the part of the protestors.
    D. While there have been cities that have caved to the rioters, others have not, and have in some cases acted unreasonably themselves.
    E. The response of national Democratic politicians actually indicates that they were entirely unprepared for this to happen. Complete public capitulation is usually not a good look.

    What you're seeing right now isn't some kind of overarching plan for a coup insofar as it is rank opportunism on the part of the revolutionaries and the politicians.

  5. That's amusing Tom. Willfully blinded to the facts before you by Normalcy Bias or a disinformation posting to calm the fence sitters reading this blog?

    Zero to riot WITH all the known FACTS of preplanning is why I am curious as to the point of your posting.

    Folks you can ignore reality until it slaps you in the face as many a business owner has learned lately about the "Peaceful Protesters" as described by CNN LIVE with burning Target store behind them.

    In a few weeks around Nov 3rd we will call these days "The GOOD Old Days".

    Prepare accordingly, unless your under the delusion that the "New Bosses" will reward you properly for as they did with the French Revolution by an "Airy Relief" of Madam Guillotine.

    1. Do you have any refutation to my arguments, or is "you must be a leftist shill because you're not as scared as I am" your only contention?

      Tell you what, money where your mouth is. If, by the end of the year, the scenario outlined in the OP comes to pass, I'll owe you enough money to buy 200 rounds of 5.56 ammo. If I'm right and it doesn't, that's what you'll owe me.

  6. Peter I am concerned. Aesop's blog reported a computer issue on July 1st and still offline? As I've seen him post here often enough YET I've not seen him here for the same time frame. Is he OK?

    Same concerns about Ole Remus of the Woodpile Report. That site is still frozen on 9th of June, his post posting normally available are GONE. He has not responded to emails, indeed mine bounced back as an error. I know he lost his wife earlier this year but he had restarted posting since then.

    There is a saying "once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action".

    Concerned, hope Aesop is just busy at work….

  7. From Eaton Rapids Joe:

    "I heard from somebody who is closer to Remus, author of The Woodpile Report.

    It was his impression that Remus pulled his head in, like an old snapping turtle and did not want to be pestered. That would count as good news."


  8. I agree that there is funding and an organization behind this.

    I suspect that we are seeing the efforts of several somewhat allied groups here, and I agree that at least some Democrats and Liberals seem to have been caught by surprise.
    Given that Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization and that as as I know, that declaration requires evidence of foreign funding or control, could part of their control or funding be from Russia or China?
    A while back Borepatch had an interesting post on how Russia didn't really care how the 2016 election turned out as long as the winner was handicapped – this is shown by the DNC hacking, Hilary's emails, the Russian Dossier on Trump. Both them and China want a disorganized and weak US, and there are still many ties between Russian "former Communists" and Western Communist/ Socialist/ Marxist groups.

    I also feel that in some ways this rounds of riots and activities kicked off early; to really impact the elections it should have happened in August or September – when it did happen, local, state, and Federal leadership will have had time to respond before the election and in fact a strong response by Trump and other law and order types will help him in the election. Could this be a sign of foreign activities hamstringing both sides? Inquiring minds wonder…as you said, there is definitely lots happening behind the scenes.
    I don't have any better idea of who their next "Messiah" will be; I think several possible candidates were tried in the primaries and found wanting.

    1. This is much more plausible–I wouldn't be at all shocked if there were multiple groups trying to undermine the USA, one way or another, and that their plans ended up colliding with each other.

  9. Hey Peter;

    I remember blogging about "Organizing for America" after Ferguson how they were planning for future action and future protest and training future leaders, they have been spreading their tentacles farther and deeper since this time. This has been in the works at least since 2014 waiting for the perfect storm. I believe that they got so excited and got buck fever and jumped the gun by a few months because they saw their goals within their reach. This will give Trump and the republicans time to tailor a response if they are fast enough. But the end results will be that they will not accept the results of the elections in 2020.

  10. I also suspect that Michelle O' will be brought in 'to save the party' come convention time. Why? Well….

    Winning candidates at convention time have their face splattered everywhere before the convention. On TV, on the news stands, on the magazine rack, on the best-seller's list and such.

    I've been watching. Watching very carefully.

    No other democrat has the public exposure of the Obamas. No one, singly or combines, gets the magazine covers, the best seller list, the late night 'call in from home' sessions on the 'talk shows,' like the Obamas. It's either him, them or her. Fashion mags have her on it. Rolling Stone has them or him on the cover about 1/3rd of the time. Same with all the other mags like Newsweek, Time yada yada. No exposure in the scandal rags, which is another sign of ascendancy.

    The only other 'liberal' person out there with the same exposure is Oprah, and that's because she has her own damned magazine and won't get off the cover. Even so, about every other mag of her's has a positive article on the Obamskis.

    As to the question from Don in Oregon as to what qualifies her as a candidate? Nothing. Same with Biden, who, after all his years of public service has a very detrimental record, with none of his legislature being positive, his conduct on the Thomas appointment being excremental, and… Well, in comparison, failed lawyer Michelle is a squeaky-clean knightess in shining armor. After all, according to all the news organizations, she was the most fabulous and glamorous and effective First Lady ever, even better than Jackie O'.

    What has Bernie done? Nothing positive in all of his years of public service.

    Harris? There's not enough money to cover up her shenanigans.

    Abrams? Ha!

    Warren? She's been caught lying so often I think that Massachusetts is using her nose as a reusable energy source (veiled reference to Pinocchio.)

    Really, no dem presidential candidate or vp pick is 'clean' enough and 'shiny' enough to present as a viable alternative. The in-fighting of the nomination process brought up too much negative stuff on all the 'vetted' candidates for any of them to make it.

    Only the saintly Michelle, who's hands are clean of dirty politics and who's lies and evil have been hidden so well.

    And she's got two things going for her right off the bat. Black and Not-Male. Three if you count 'Not as old as the hills or senile yet.'

    Unfortunately, the annointing of her as THE candidate and Saviour of the Democratic Party will give little time for President Trump and his team to strike back, but I would not put it past them to already have a plan and campaign ready to pounce.

    Sleepy Joe isn't going to make it. His dementia or Alzheimers (which would actually be a decent diagnosis as he is sharper earlier in the day, but the later the day gets, the more vague and off-point he is, pointing to 'Sundowner's Syndrome.)

    I've actually been expecting Michelle since this whole process started. As she is, as I have pointed out above, the only Dem who's getting favorable press all the time. Has since her husband stepped down. Always in the press, not in-your-face in the press, but active enough to keep reminding people she's around.

    Gonna get interesting by the middle of August.

  11. Tom you want to bet? Lets YOU detail what will NEVER happen from your posting so there is a clear winner of that bet although losing our Republic is going to make any bet pretty useless.

    OP? not sure what that means in your reply, please expand for an old soldier.

    I already gave you a refute to your "Don't Worry Be Happy" comment in my reply. How many would you like Sir?

    1. All you did was yell "Look at the evidence."

      And I really don't see how "this is less an organized conspiracy than a bunch of opportunistic jerks" is "don't worry, be happy."

  12. Beans:

    Have you seen the video of her working out with a group on a stage? Sure looks like wedding tackle bouncing off the front of her pants. I suspect she's a hermaphrodite. Question is whether that disclosure would be enough to torpedo her shot at the election. Possibly might help, for all I know. Weird times.

  13. There are a lot of rich socialists. Soros is just one. They are all together.

    How do you figure the Supreme Court ruling on Electors and the Electoral College will figure in?

    Time for the Anti-Christ?

  14. The problem with Michelle Obama is that, according to all reports I've heard, she simply is not very bright. She was an "affirmative action" admit into Harvard. She left a position in "Big Law" less than a year in due to her inability to handle the workload, from what I've heard. That's when she got that "diversity officer" job in the Chicago hospital where she met Barack.

  15. Just to throw another monkey wrench into the thinking, I would not be surprised to see the Democrats run Biden along with a VP with some serious political baggage.

    If Biden / skeletons win, then the next step is to force the compromised VP to resign. This is followed by appointing some VP who could never be elected. Finally, they use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

    Voila: an un-elected president!

    I hope I am wrong, but I suspect the ease of removing Biden is seen by the Democrats as a feature, not a bug.

  16. The chatter I'm hearing is from the leftists they are more or less writing off this election for President. They are going to try to keep the house and take the senate to cripple Trump in office. However this is a free test run for various canidates. Of interesting note not one peep about Biden looking senile as can be. Either it's deliberate delusional congantive disconnect from reality or they are all too afraid to speak that their party pushed.. him forward. There's also still a pretty big rift in the Demoncats. Got the younger progressives that do want to go full socialists that are directly in competition with the good old democrats (Those that know the Iron range of Minnesota and northeren Wisconsin know what I mean) that perhaps can't vote republican ever but don't want to admit to the hard left bent the party is going.

  17. Stressing much Tom? Yelling on the internet is all caps. Nope no yelling.

    So again list a few things that will not happen and the date the bet expires.

    I like green tip so save your pennies.

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