Why is Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger interfering with a ballot audit?


The conduct of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger appears highly suspicious, to put it mildly.  Some might say he’s deliberately trying to obstruct a review of the votes cast in the November 2020 elections.

John Solomon broke the news last week.

In December 2020 … Voter GA filed a suit against the then-chairperson of the Fulton County Board of Elections based on a sudden, implausible spike of 20,000 votes in favor of Joe Biden on election night, along with sworn testimony from hand count auditors who say they saw batches of counterfeit ballots during the county’s post-election hand recount. The witnesses cite uncreased ballots, different paper stock, and ballots marked with toner instead of writing implements as reasons for their suspicions.

Based on the affidavits and other evidence, the judge in the case found probable cause to conditionally unseal the county’s ballots for a forensic audit. Voter GA was given until March 25 to submit a plan to the judge detailing what the audit would look like — which experts they were going to use, where the audit would take place, etc.

Last week, Raffensperger, who is not a party to the suit, filed an amicus brief in an attempt to block the effort to unseal and examine the ballots.

. . .

In his brief, Raffensperger cites Georgia’s new election security bill, signed into law by Republican Governor Brian Kemp on March 25, as allowing the “public disclosure of ballot images, but not ballots,” meaning the auditors would have access to digital images of the ballots, created by the tabulation machines, but not the physical ballots themselves.

. . .

“[A]ny legal challenges to the results of the 2020 general are also moot,” claims the brief, “as the results of that election have already been tabulated, audited by hand count, recounted by machine tabulation, and were certified by the secretary of state on November 20, 2020, who has the sole authority to certify election results” under Georgia law.

“The public interest would not be served by allowing Petitioners to undergo an unlawful fishing expedition into sealed ballots in their attempt to undermine the results of the general election,” continues the brief.

There’s more at the link.

Arguments in court yesterday about the matter proved very interesting.  The judge has agreed that the plaintiffs, Voter GA, must indeed examine images first, rather than actual ballots, as Georgia’s new law provides:  but he has not ruled out examining the ballots themselves.  Voter GA’s attorney made a very strong case for the latter by arguing that to use a photocopy of a counterfeit hundred-dollar bill to determine whether or not it’s counterfeit is ridiculous.  The truth of that proposition is self-evident.  How can one determine whether a ballot is hand-written, or machine-produced, or a photocopy produced for fraudulent purposes, if one can’t examine the original?

My response is very simple.  It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure free, fair and honest elections – except those who “fix” them.  The latter can be expected to put every possible obstacle in the way of those trying to ensure fairness and honesty.  The fact that the Georgia Secretary of State is doing precisely that is a bright flashing warning light that he may well be trying to sabotage fairness and honesty, rather than ensure them.

Keep an eye on proceedings in Fulton County.  If those votes are proved fraudulent, that may be enough to disqualify the results of the November 2020 elections in Georgia as a whole – and may be used to call into question the Senate elections in that state in January 2021.  If those are overturned, the Democratic Party will lose control of the Senate . . . and then, ain’t we got fun?



  1. Peter when has a "Elected" socialist government EVER Been Un-voted from power?

    If you can in your world wide experiences show me HOW an ""Audit" of suspicious voting recorded ever undid the Socialist GRAB for Power, PLEASE ADVISE us of that event(s).

    They Cheat because they can and the Truth will NEVER be seen by Joe 6 pack the "Voter" So Defrauded of His-Her "Rights to Vote". The MEDIA is Part and Parcel of this FRAUD(s).

    Maybe that Clown World Meme has teeth and we are truly beyond the pale of law and order here?

  2. Hi Peter,
    I agree with your emphasized point and to expand on it, this is a demonstration of political power. Like Chavez in Venezuela, the free, fair vote has disappeared, and instead "the Dear Leader has been voted for, and won the election." Not being able to examine the ballots merely demonstrates their hold on power for everyone, for if they are forced to allow the original ballots to be examined, then they will view it that their hold on power is incomplete, such incompleteness to be corrected in due course.

    As Michael noted above, Socialists (Communists) have never given up power, once it's attained and people following Antonio Gramsci must be gleeful at how successful the "long march" thru the U.S. institutions has been. This also applies to corporations for I cannot think of a single institution which they have taken over, even in a minority sense, where they have given up their power (SJWs in HR, "We're woke!!!").

    Related, George Soro's "long march" thru the U.S.'s political institutions has been equally successful, for he stated that he wouldn't see the election in 2016 repeated. And he identified the way to insure that was to replace the States's Secretary of State with his political pawns. "It's not how you vote, it's who counts the votes", although replacing DAs & Judges so fraudulent ballots cannot be challenged was also part of the strategy. As proof, did a single lawsuit on behalf of President Trump ever make it to trial, instead of being dismissed for some made up reason?

    I hate to say it, but while we were living our lives, our institutions were being taken over by people who hate us, and will "re-educate" us to be "good Socialists/Communists". If we resist "re-education", we'll be killed.

  3. Good points were brought up in the previous comments. The only thing I can add is, the secretary of state for a state is responsible for running the elections as the 'Chief Election Official.' So it would be on his head if anything was screwy with the election, it may be a matter of simple survival, or survival and all the other stuff.

  4. Hey Peter;

    I live in Georgia, and if they are successful, it will be interesting, and yes your prior commenters are correct, I don't see them vacating the election of those 2 senators from Georgia. The 1-800-dial-a-mob will be there to protest the removal of their pet senators and it will be ugly.

  5. Here in NH a forensic examination of the Windham election – in which each Republican candidate for our local legislature was shorted about 300 votes – has been passed.

    Now, let's blue-sky a little. Let's assume that it's shown the machines were "gamed" to do this. I think there's standing to audit those same machines for the Presidential election. And if that shows similar gaming – and I'll bet it would show that – then with something like 80% of NH using those machines it would demand a state-wide audit of the Presidential election.

    Now, let's assume further: that audit of paper vs. machine counts shows Trump won NH.


    And would that, having concrete proof (!) that the Dominion machines did in fact throw the election, be a mandate to examine them everywhere?

    Going further – assuming all these things come to pass… do the Democrats have the honor to leave in favor of Trump?


  6. Here in Montana a citizens' group counted the envelopes in Missoula where they went to all absentee voting.

    There should have only been as many absentee ballots as they had envelopes for them. Needless to say, Missoula is run by Democrats, so, they had thousands more ballots than they did envelopes.

    The county auditor mouthed platitudes about how it was secure and blah, blah, blah, rather than agreeing to look into it and get to the bottom of things.

    I lived through the 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington, too. I don't think Democrats are capable of running an honest election.

  7. EVERY election fraud goes for the Democrats, never against. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and this scumbag knows exactly what happened election night and has been tasked by his boss (everyone has a boss) to undermine the vote verification, even stating the new voter bill applies in the rearview, which as we see all the time with The Dems is tortured logic as the new Georgia bill is for elections going forward. If this cheater doesn’t get the result he wants then he’ll come up with another tactic to achieve the goal. Time to clean house.

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