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I nearly spat a mouthful of supper all over my computer screen yesterday evening when I learned that Star Wars “fans” (if such idiots can truly be described as “fans”) are molesting themselves and the series with utterly gormless speculation.  I give you two headlines (no, I’m not going to quote from the articles, because they’re not worth it).  If you want to look them up, do a search on those terms and you’ll find them.  I won’t dignify them with a link here.

Obi-Wan Season 2 Needs To Explore His Sexuality

‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Debating Obi-Wan’s Sexuality

First:  I have no issue with people deciding their sexuality for themselves.  What you do with others in the privacy of your own bedroom is your business.  I don’t want to know about it, and I don’t propose to interfere with it.  (On the other hand, whatever it is, if you insist on thrusting it under my nose and demanding my approval, you may be taken aback by the bluntness of my response.)

That said, I doubt very much whether the vast majority of Star Wars fans have any interest whatsoever in Obi-Wan’s sexuality (particularly those of us who regard the original three movies as the entirety of the real Star Wars universe, and all the rest as third-rate alien fakery).  Those articles are nothing more than politically correct messaging masquerading as fan interest.  People expressing such opinions are getting a kick out of forcing their views on the public, pointing their horrified moonbattish fingers at anyone who disagrees, and calling them names.  They find our distaste and disgust somehow rewarding.

There’s also the lighter side, of course:

The publicity-seeking propaganda of gender identity, sexual expression and genital extremism has gotten to the point where those who glory in it are running serious risk of bodily harm from those of us who don’t give a damn about the subject, don’t want to hear anything more about it, and absolutely refuse to have others burden us with all the ghastly details.  They’re worse than vegans that way!  A plague (or multiple plagues) on all their houses!

Let’s just keep our sexual orientation and sex lives to ourselves.  We’ll all be a lot happier and less stressed that way.



  1. I agree about the original three Star Wars movies, and they're the only ones I will ever watch.

  2. Not to mention that it is very clear that Obi Wan was deeply in love at least once…to a *woman*…and even offered to leave the Jedi order over her (she 'couldn't ask that of him' sob sob then she dies). A big part of his back story is the tragedy of a good and caring man suffering loss anfter loss, including romantic interests (towards *women*) he was never able to act upon. Those headlines are more trolling than anything IMO…

  3. And these same people are ruining every "world" out there. Spiderman is going to be gay. Captain America is going to be gay. I'm sure there is more that I haven't seen or kept track of.

    Like you, who cares what may have gone on behind closed doors (when it is obvious from cannon that it didn't), I don't. It does nothing for the story unless it's a love story — which I won't be watching or reading anyway.

  4. There are 7 Star Wars movies – the 3 good ones, the depressing one, and the three with fabulous costumes and horrible writing. I've heard rumors that someone made more movies, but I don't believe it.

    (Sorry – the prequels are full of cringe, but they are saved by fabulous costumes.)

  5. If you are into Disney Franchises, there's a real sarlac pit of drama. The head of Lucasfilm is explicitly making it -ist and working to destroy all the canon because it was made by cisheteronormative men and George Lucas was hired to work on some projects (aka the ones the fans actually like). There's a rumor that Disney went woke because the CEO was looking at a 2024 presidential run and ruining Disney would be good for that? Marvel is a hot woke mess as well that is actively destroying the beloved characters to make them all women bipoc. The theory is that wokesters take over and destroy pop culture partly because it's a symbol that woke is in power and also because people can't be allowed to like anything not woke. You will be made to care. Superhero and Star Wars stuff is ruined, sports is ruined, and on and on.

  6. A lot of this guff that comes out ahead of a movie release is part of the PR push by the publicists.

    Look at it this way: if this is the best angle they can come up with to generate chatter and top of mind awareness, then the movie must truly suck.

  7. Once Walt died, and the family handed over the reins, the transition from Greatest Amusement Parks For Kids Of All Ages In World History to Pedophile Happy Hunting Ground was only a matter of time.

    The movie side of the house is now strictly for grooming, recruitment, and indoctrination.

  8. "What you do with others in the privacy of your own bedroom is your business." This doesn't wash anymore. We've already been down this route and that's what has led to the disgusting environment that we have nowadays. What you do in your bedroom has now been proven to have consequences on the culture around you.

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