Why the “ruling class” is out to get rid of President Trump, no matter what


If you’ve been wondering why such immense effort was put into stealing last month’s election, to get rid of President Trump by any means necessary, it helps to understand just how profoundly he undermined the “Washington way” of doing business when he was unexpectedly elected in 2016.  The Conservative Treehouse lays that out very neatly.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

Congress does not write laws or legislation, special interest groups do. Lobbyists are paid, some very well paid, to get politicians to go along with the need of the legislative group.

When you are voting for a Congressional Rep or a U.S. Senator you are not voting for a person who will write laws. Your rep only votes on legislation to approve or disapprove of constructs that are written by outside groups and sold to them through lobbyists who work for those outside groups.

While all of this is happening the same outside groups who write the laws are providing money for the campaigns of the politicians they need to pass them. This construct sets up the quid-pro-quo of influence, although much of it is fraught with plausible deniability.

This is the way legislation is created.

If your frame of reference is not established in this basic understanding you can often fall into the trap of viewing a politician, or political vote, through a false prism. The modern origin of all legislative constructs is not within congress.

. . .

Now, think about this reality against the backdrop of the 2016 Presidential Election. Legislation is passed based on ideology. In the aftermath of the 2016 election the system within DC was not structurally set-up to receive a Donald Trump presidency.

If Hillary Clinton had won the election, her Oval Office desk would be filled with legislation passed by congress which she would have been signing. Heck, she’d have writer’s cramp from all of the special interest legislation, driven by special interest groups that supported her campaign, that would be flowing to her desk.


Simply because the authors of the legislation, the originating special interest and lobbying groups, were spending millions to fund her campaign. Hillary Clinton would be signing K-Street constructed special interest legislation to repay all of those donors/investors.

Congress would be fast-tracking the passage because the same interest groups also fund the members of congress.

President Donald Trump winning the election threw a monkey wrench into the entire DC system…. In early 2017 the modern legislative machine was frozen in place.

The “America First” policies represented by candidate Donald Trump were not within the legislative constructs coming from the K-Street authors of the legislation. There were no MAGA lobbyists waiting on Trump ideology to advance legislation based on America First objectives.

As a result of an empty feeder system, in early 2017 congress had no bills to advance because all of the myriad of bills and briefs written were not in line with President Trump policy. There was simply no entity within DC writing legislation that was in-line with President Trump’s America-First’ economic and foreign policy agenda.

Exactly the opposite was true. All of the DC legislative briefs and constructs were/are antithetical to Trump policy. There were hundreds of file boxes filled with thousands of legislative constructs that became worthless when Donald Trump won the election.

Those legislative constructs (briefs) representing tens of millions of dollars worth of time and influence were just sitting there piled up in boxes under desks and in closets amid K-Street and the congressional offices. Legislation needed to be in-line with an entire new political perspective, and there was no-one, no special interest or lobbying group, currently occupying DC office space with any interest in synergy with Trump policy.

Think about the larger ramifications within that truism. That is also why there was/is so much opposition.

. . .

Without the ability to position personal wealth for benefit, why would a politician stay in office? The income of many long-term politicians on both Republican and Democrat sides of the aisle was completely disrupted by President Trump winning the election. That is one of the key reason why so many politicians retired immediately thereafter.

When we understand the business of DC, we understand the difference between legislation with a traditional purpose and modern legislation with a financial and political agenda.

Lastly, this is why – when signing legislation – President Trump often says “they’ve been trying to get this through for a long time” etc. Most of the legislation passed by congress and signed by President Trump in his first term is older legislative proposals, with little indulgent value, that were shelved in years past.

Example: Criminal justice reform did not carry a financial benefit to the legislative bodies, and there was no financial interest funding the politicians to pass the bill. If you look at most of the bills President Trump has signed, with the exception of a few economic bills, they stem from congressional construction many years ago.

When you understand that any changes to this system will not be accepted by those who command power and affluence; when you accept their willingness to deploy government institutions around themselves in order to protect them from you; and when you realize they will use every system, including the ballot counting machines, to stop the American people from disrupting this corrupt system of self-aggrandizing elitism; you start to realize the diminished options for removing them from office…

There’s more at the link.  It’s well worth reading the whole thing.

If you want to see this in action, look no further than last week’s COVID-19 relief legislation.  It’s absolutely stuffed with special interests being funded – except for the American people.

There are billions upon billions of dollars being thrown at every conceivable cause, but Americans are fobbed off with a mere $600 each in a one-time payment.  It’s so ludicrous it’s sickening . . . but that’s the interest of lobbyists, pressure groups and corporate sponsors at work.  Money talks, and as the saying goes, our politicians are the best money can buy.  They were duly bought.

Oh – and in case you were wondering how sending money overseas leads to local paybacks, Karl Vincent sums it up nicely.

This is why so much was done to steal last month’s election.  President Trump was – and still is – anathema to those trying to control the reins of power.  His policies stood in their way.  They acted to remove him, so they could regain control, and feed out of the public (taxpayer) trough once more.

This is also why I say that, unless the fraudulent results of last month’s election are overturned, we will never have another free and fair election in the United States.  The powers that be are determined, not only to remove a legitimately elected President, but to ensure that there will never again be a President who will not be under their control.  Unless they’re stopped now, the fight at the ballot box will essentially be over, and the only way forward – the only way to regain the right to genuinely free, democratic elections – will be to retake it by force.

There’s a meme going around the Internet that compares where we are now to the “four boxes” – the soap box (freedom of speech), the jury box (equality before the law), the ballot box (free and fair elections) and the bullet box (what’s left when the other three boxes are no longer available).

That illustration is, quite literally, where we soon may be, unless we can overturn last month’s electoral fraud.  If we value our freedom as citizens, if we value our constitution and laws, we will have no peaceful alternative left.  We will have to start taking our country back, one community at a time;  and the corrupt authorities imposed on us by the “system” will leave no stone unturned to stop us doing that.  It’ll be the 1946 “Battle of Athens, Tennessee” all over again, this time across the country.

The “ruling class”, the “political class”, the “powers that be”, the “Deep State” . . . they’re determined to crush any and all resistance.  They think they can overcome even the last box of all.

They may be right.

They may also be wrong.

I hope and pray that they are wrong, because I, for one, will not live on my knees.  I will not allow corrupt criminal politicians, and their moneybag masters, and their lapdog hangers-on, to dictate to me what I should think and feel and how I should live.

I most sincerely hope that many Americans feel the same way.  The time is fast approaching when all of us will have to make a choice.  Will we put up, or shut up?  Will we fish, or cut bait?  As they put it here in Texas, will we be “all hat and no cattle“, or will there be enough cows to make a herd?



  1. If the fraud gets undone, K street needs to flow read with blood (firguratively). This needs to be shut down.

    Otherwise, they literally will redline this place until it's shattered.

  2. There’s a lot to what you’ve posted here, but there are also other factors. The Progressive Intellectual Elite has had effective control of the political arena for decades. One could argue that, with a few exceptions, they have controlled the White House or Congress or both since the election to that sonofabitch, Woodrow Wilson. And since ousting Nixon (who was really one of their own; a Big Government Progressive…they do tend to eat their own) they have gradually been losing power. They were going to replace Nixon with an even more Progressive idiot, and failed. They had a temper tantrum about it, got rid of Nixon, and what they got in return was Jimmy Carter, largely because none of their major factions could agree of who to anoint. After four years of Carter the voters, against all the advice of their self-nominated Betters, elected Reagan. Since then the Fascist/Progressive Left has been running on momentum, winning the occasional battle, but always spending more in Political Capital than the victories are,worth. On some fronts, notably ‘gun control’ they have been losing steadily, and badly. Since they live in a social bubble they have been able to delude themselves as to what is happening, but Trump’s election was a major wake-up call. (As was the Brexit vote in the UK). Since they have spent the last several decades (to Century) distancing themselves from the Common Folk, they don’t really understand how US citizens think and react. They think we can be cowed. They err.

  3. Trump's been showing them up…and that REALLY BURNS THEIR BUTTS. Also, he laughs at them. OHHHH, the ANGST!! Ohhhhh, THE STOMACH acid!!

  4. Francis Porretto has a very interesting observation on so much of this:


    Now, to preserve the appearance that an appropriation of $10 million to “gender programs in Pakistan” is really about gender programs in Pakistan, a few steps are required. There must be an office established for the creation, operation, and supervision of gender programs in Pakistan, probably as a sub-sub-subdepartment of the Department of State. That office must then be staffed. though perhaps not with many actual bodies. A titular director, a secretary for him, and a small staff will be hired, and “work” will begin.

    Several months later, the director will issue a “white paper” about the design of the gender programs in Pakistan and how his office will establish the infrastructure for them. The paper must be no less than a certain length, and its Flesch-Kincaid Score must be no less than a certain value, to discourage outsiders from familiarizing themselves with it. All of that will surely absorb nearly the whole of the $10 million. Perhaps a few dollars will make it into the hands of some Pakistani government official, though in these latter days of the Republic that’s not guaranteed.

    What has actually happened, rather than the creation and operation of any gender programs in Pakistan – a virulently Islamic country that would never countenance any such thing – is this:

    Several well-paid federal sinecures have been created;
    Relatives or cronies of some Congresscritter have been hired into them;
    Expenditures have been directed toward firms in some Congressclown’s district;
    The federal deficit for fiscal year 2021has been increased by $10 million.
    Another office has been added to the federal bureaucracy.

    Sounds right.

  5. @Nitzakhon,

    Government has always been a scam, to one degree or another. Living without it might be possible for the young, fit, and skilled, but the rest of us have to put up with it and hope to keep it trimmed back like kudzu. The Progressive/Fascist Left has been living off of the scam for some time, and think that they are entitled to do so in perpetuity. In that they are no different from any of the other parasitical self-selected elites that have run civilization at one time or another. The European Aristocracy thought that their place on top of the heap was ordained by Providence and were mightily annoyed when the Industrialists of the Victorian era (and slightly earlier) started to displace them. Much of the hogwash about how awful the Industrial Revolution was (which the Left repeats like Holy Writ) had its origins with the Landholding Class as they faded from Movers And Shakers to the chinless wonders we know today. The Planter Aristocracy of the Antebellum South were no better. And this bunch is clearly as stupid and parasitic as any previous concatenation of entitled nitwits.

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