Who thought this up in the first place, and why?

I still don’t understand it . . . but I suppose it’s marginally better than the Christmas muzak that’s been bombarding us for weeks.  It would certainly liven up the dairy aisle at Walmart!



  1. That there is a sure sign of the coming of the End of Days.

    Og course, to be fair, so is the song "Last Christmas"

  2. I got the impression that the "Christmas" music was a convenient add on to the dancing cow.. made a better video for this time of the year.

    Plus, how many times in your life can you actually use the words "dancing cow" in a sentence? 🙂

  3. That was recorded in a Mexican supermarket. Both Alpura and Lala, which you can see in the dairy case to your right are Mexican dairy brands.

  4. Mexican dairy company advertising its dairy products at this time of year is all that it amounts to. I'd rather hear and see Christmas carolers.

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