This video clip was recorded at Crown Point, Oregon, last month.  The wind was gusting to well over 100 mph (more than 160 km/h).  If you look at this picture of Crown Point, you can see that the building portrayed below is exposed to the winds from all directions, so it’s not surprising the gusts affected it so greatly.



  1. My wife grew up within walking distance of Crown Point and tells stories of car bodies being blown across their property during the winter….

  2. +1 on Rev… I can remember walking across the ramp hanging onto a FULL toolbox and just hoping we didn't get blown away…

  3. Ah…my old hiking grounds. I used to load up a 50lb pack (for 'training') and 'day-hike' those nigh vertical walls in the Gorge*.

    There's a reason why 'The Gorge' is world renowned as a sail-boarding mecca…and people wonder why I wasn't terrified of hurricanes when I came to Floriduh.

    What folks call a 'hurricane' in Floriduh, people in the Coastal NW call a 'winter storm'…and they pay good money for a cliff-side hotel room on the coast to watch the waves. Seriously…there's a 'storm season' pricing schedule for most coastal hotels.

    *One of my favorites, just upstream from Crown Point:

    In fact, you can just barely see Crown Point on the left side of the third photo down.

  4. I currently live 4 miles from the Vista House. I tell the family we have the most fresh air as anywhere in Oregon when the wind is blowing. Our property is covered with 100 ft tall trees. I love to stand outside and watch them in the wind. Trees are amazing!

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