“Wood, Iron, and Blood” is published!


I’m very pleased to announce that my latest book, the first in a new Western series called “The Annals of Ash”, has been published.  It’s titled “Wood, Iron, and Blood“.

The e-book edition is already available, while the print edition is going through Amazon’s approval process.  It may be available later today, or by the weekend at the latest.

If you’re interested in reading a sample snippet from the book, I published one last weekend.  Click here to read it.

The blurb reads:

Sometimes wanderlust skips a generation… but when it strikes, it strikes gold.

In 1852, fourteen-year-old Jeremy Ash rises to his grandfather’s challenge and sets out on the adventure of a lifetime – the California Trail.

It’s four deadly months and 1,600 merciless miles from the Missouri River to the goldfields of the Sierra Nevada. There’s alkali water that’ll poison you; desert heat that’ll fry your brains; mountain passes that’ll crush you; swarms of biting insects that’ll drive you mad; deadly diseases that’ll plague you; and warrior tribes that may make it lethally clear they don’t want you there.

Will the California Trail kill Jeremy, like so many others before him? Or will it make a man out of him?

I think this may be my best Western yet (and no, I don’t mean the hotel!).  I drew on a great deal of the research I’ve done for my first Western series, the Ames Archives, in the process of producing this one, and I’ll be doing more of that for future books in both series.

Once again, please, please leave an honest review once you’ve read the book.  Reviews are literally bread and butter to authors who sell through Amazon and similar outlets:  they tell prospective readers whether the book is likely to interest them or not, and help motivate further sales.  A simple numerical rating is also helpful, but a review with a bit more “meat on the bone” is even better.  As a starving author, I rely heavily on you, dear readers, to help me starve a little less through your reviews!  Thanks in advance.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.



  1. I've never been much of a western novel fan, but your Saturday snippet hooked me. I look forward to reading the rest!

    1. A good read! I'll put a full review on Amazon. I also enjoyed the historic information and authors notes at the end.

      I saw one editing error, just a nit. Early in the Epilogue, you refer to Eliza as Elvira.

  2. @Unknown: Yes, he did, on the Copyright page, and also in the snippet I ran last week. I use Remington's paintings for my Ames Archives series, and credit him in the same way in every book.

  3. Peter, I used to read Westerns as a kid but I got fed up with how poorly they were written, both plot and background and finally quit.

    I found your western-themed Science Fiction and really enjoyed it, made it easy to pick up your first historical western and it was great.

    Keep writing both types.

  4. I used to read a lot of Westerns before they became unfashionable so my public library stopped sheving them, and much later the 'woke' sneered at them Peter Grant has revived the theme with his stories, and I throughly enjoyed reading the new one, just as much as I've enjoyed his previous westerns. This one has shown me a lot about life on the California Trail, with the real hazards not played down and the fictional mass attacks by 'redskins' and outlaws rightly reduced to the minor problem that they were in his chosen period. I can't wait for the next in this new series!

  5. 5 stars on Amazon UK, sir. I loved the appendices with the facts and figures but I'd never have expected the Dragoon to reach those power levels. Anyway, don't let me distract you from the next book and the next and, you get the idea 🙂

  6. Got it today! 1-15 its in the queue; or I may just skip the darn queue. its my queue, I can do as I see fit…

  7. I have read many of your books, many of them multiple times, and I have to say that this new one is my favorite to date. Not entirely sure why, but I enjoyed it very much and eagerly look forward to more in the series. Thank you for the enjoyment.

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