Worn out

Alma Boykin came down to stay with Miss D. and I over the weekend.  Old NFO, Lawdog and the lovely Phlegmmy joined us for the festivities, accompanied by aepilotjim when he wasn’t working.  Much fun was had eating at local restaurants, shooting at a local range, and working late assembling (or starting to assemble) a large jigsaw puzzle.  Alma’s good company.

Our cats enjoyed the visitor, too.  Kili largely took it in her stride, as befits the senior cat, but Ashbutt’s still in kitten mode when it comes to playing (and will be for several years yet – he’s part Maine Coon, after all, and that’s a characteristic of the breed).  He dogged Alma’s footsteps, tried to sneak into the guest room with her to sleep on her bed (she was wise to that, having her own feline companion, and fended him off at the door), and bugged her whenever possible to play with him using his favorite toy, a string on a stick.

This is how he looked this afternoon after she’d left.  (Clickit to biggit.)

That’s one worn-out cat!



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