Worried about post-election violence? Here’s one solution


At least, it’s what cartoonist Stephan Pastis offers as a solution.  Click the image for a larger view at the comic’s Web page.

Not bad advice if you’re in one of our more politically polarized urban areas.  Out here in North Texas . . . nah.  We’ll stay put, locked and loaded, and wait to see whether trouble comes to us.  If it does, we’ll enjoy what’s known in the trade as a “target rich environment” – for a little while, anyway!



  1. Austin is in the Hill Country, unfortunately. The good news is that plenty of other places with sane inhabitants are, too.

    Can we explore the possibility of exiling all the Austinite weirdos, pinkos, fruits, and nuts to Portland? They would like it there, except for the weather.

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