Would someone please explain to me . . .

. . . why a book with this title:

can currently be ranked #1 on Amazon.com in “New Testament meditations”?!?!?

Yes, the F-word in the book’s title has been blanked out – this is a family friendly blog, after all!

I have to admit, even though I’m a man of faith, the sheer incongruity of it had me smiling . . .  After all, one’s faith, like everything else in life, has to be taken with a sense of humor.  I can always hope (and do) that the author (and her impish sense of the ridiculous) will develop a little more understanding and tolerance of faith in due course.



  1. You might also enjoy "Go the ____ to Sleep," a children's book.

    There's a video of it, too, read by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, who nails it.

  2. Not sure how the categories like that are setup on Amazon, if it's Amazon, or the seller. But those adult coloring books, with adult themes, are gaining in popularity and I have to admit that I want several of them…..

  3. It looks like this a failure of some Amazon sorting algorithm. The book isn't in any way "Christian Literature" and doesn't bill itself as such. I might suspect that it was intentionally mislabeled as a prank by some wag at Amazon, but the choices for general "Christian Books and Bibles" best sellers only one appears to be equally puzzling. Of the top five, only one appears to actually have anything to do with Christianity. Number one is a Victorian era historical romance and number five is a romance/erotica novel in which one of the protagonists happens to be Amish. I'd chalk it up to a run-of-the-mill automation failure.

  4. Amazon categories aren't exactly dependable.
    I just discovered on Monday that Acraglas Gel is available on Amazon… under "hair styling products." Must be the stuff Bob's Big Boy uses…?

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