My thanks to several readers who sent me the link to a tweeted picture from Ken Webster Jr.  Here’s a reduced-size version of it, and of a comparison image from the same thread.  Click each image for a larger view.  They show Interstate 10 near Winnie, Texas, between Houston and Beaumont, near the location shown by the red icon on the map.

I know that road very well.  I traveled it many times when I lived and worked in Louisiana, between 1997 and 2009.  Looking at that water . . . it’s mind-boggling.  That’s not just standing flood water.  Those are waves, like one would expect to find offshore!  It looks as if the whole of the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge is under water.  There won’t be much wildlife left there by now . . .

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey have now come ashore once again on the Texas-Louisiana border, and are expected to track north-east across the state into Mississippi and Tennessee over the next couple of days.  Alexandria/Pineville, where I used to live and work, appears to be right in the path of the storm, and they’re expecting heavy rain there over the next couple of days.

Prayers for all concerned.



  1. My heart and money goes out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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  2. Our local kayak outfitter (A-Day-Away Outfitters, Titusville, Fla) loaded up 7 of their guides and 55 kayaks last Monday and headed west to help with the rescue efforts. Word from the Cajun Navy guys was that outboard motor boats were having a rough time getting to people due to all of the debris and unseen obstacles in the water and they were asking for non-motorized boats or air-boats to come help. A couple of our local air-boat ride companies were also loading up some of their large 20 person tour air-boats to send out to help the effort.
    As of last night the kayakers were struggling to find a route to get down into Beaumont, Tx due to all of the roads being flooded. They had to detour way up to the north and then go south. Many times they have had to walk ahead of the vans and trailers to locate the road and check water depth.

  3. My oldest daughter lives about a mile toward Beaumont from where that photo was made. Luckily, she was smart enough to buy a house built with this sort of thing in mind. No flooding and the house is a dome designed to withstand a cat 4 hurricane. She told me she had to use the boat I bought her, though, to get in and out. You might consider your own situation as you are in tornado alley.

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