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Since my last post about my current writing endeavors, things have moved right along.  I’m writing faster than ever.  I suspect my writing style may have undergone a permanent change, from plotting everything in advance, to just sitting down, writing, and seeing what emerges.  At the end of each day, I can see where the plot, characters and settings have gone, note the changes, and keep a running log of who’s doing what, with which, to whom.

I’m still planning to complete all three novels in the trilogy, sending them out to alpha readers as I work, then correcting all three in one sequence of editing.  After beta reads and formatting, I’ll publish them in rapid succession at approximately 30-day intervals.  I hope this will boost sales overall, as each volume should build momentum for the next one, and help those who discover the series partway through to go back and buy earlier books.

As of this evening, I’m at approximately 160,000 words written, out of a planned total of plus-or-minus 300,000.  Every morning I sit down to write not knowing what I’m going to say.  Each evening, I look back and go “Wow!  Where did all that come from?”  I’m now averaging well over 5,000 words written per day.  If I keep that up, I can finish the trilogy by the end of January.  That may be over-ambitious, but mid-February certainly looks do-able.  Whatever it was that bit me, it did a number on me!

So far, so good . . .



  1. Excellent news. Please get them published as I'm missing my Maxwell fix, my Ames addiction and lusting after the conclusion to Laredo. In any case, a Peaceful New Year to you and those you care for.

  2. Have you considered using a speech-to-text program? I'm wondering if that would speed things up, or screw up the process of developing a coherent story.

  3. That's my basic approach unless I have multiple plot lines – then I have to do a little planning. I try not to plan too much, because sometimes my characters go places I had no intention of going. Now and then I get the urge to nock one off because they've become such a pain in the butt.

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