Yeah, it’s hot in northern Texas!

At 6 pm this evening in my area:

Note the “Feels Like” temperature.  Add humidity to heat like this and that’s the Heat Index.  (I might add that it’s much less humid here than it was in Nashville during the summer.  Anywhere west of the Mississippi is usually much less humid than east of the river.)

Thank heavens for air-conditioning!



  1. Just remember, it's not the heat but it's the….

    Nah, it's the heat!

    When I lived in San Antonio, we saw humidity like Nashville.

  2. Could be worse…

    It was a real 109ยบ here yesterday at sunset,
    with the humidity way above our normal 1-3%
    so the swamp cooler wasn't cooling.

    60 miles from Death Valley. Wanna trade? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Swamp coolers use to work in the Phoenix area when I lived there in the early 60's. Average humidity was about 7%. Not anymore!

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