Yes, the Biden administration really will come after your guns


A year-old, but only just released interview with then Presidential candidate Joe Biden reveals the extent of his determination to move against gun-owners.

The National Rifle Association is flat-out accusing the paper of burying the interview because it would have been too damaging to the Biden campaign, and since the paper itself hasn’t explained why the editorial board waited a year to release a full transcript, that explanation is as good as any at the moment.

The paper’s interview with Biden covers a lot of ground, but gun control is one of the first issues that the editors quizzed him about; specifically, how he would navigate his gun and magazine ban through Congress. Biden responded by pointing out that he got it done back in 1994, and said what’s changed since then is the formation of a larger “gun safety” movement.

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I would have loved for the editors of the Las Vegas Sun to have interrupted Biden to ask a question at that point; there are an estimated 20-million semi-automatic rifles in the United States (that number’s quite a bit larger now, but the interview was done in January of 2020) and more than 150-million ammunition magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. How successful do you really think you’ll be in defending this law in court or enforcing it on the street, and how many millions of Americans are you willing to put in prison if they disobey?

I don’t know how Biden would have responded, because he’s never really faced any pushback from the media when it comes to his gun control positions. Interviewers just nod and smile, because they’re usually in full agreement with him.

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Remember, this interview was conducted a year ago, and Biden had no idea he’d be looking at a 50-50 Senate. The idea of including his gun ban in a larger bill is still worrisome, however, because Biden could include in a reconciliation bill that only requires 51 votes for approval. I think that voting for Biden’s gun ban would be the end of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s political careers, and would give the GOP their number one issue to run on in 2022, but it could still very well happen, and he wouldn’t need a single Republican to go along with it.

Biden then briefly talked about the need to repeal the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so that gun manufacturers could be sued for the third-party actions of criminals before he returned to his gun ban.

There’s more at the link.

It goes without saying that most American gun-owners won’t comply with any such legislation.  Agreement on that is near-unanimous, and it’s already been demonstrated in places like Connecticut and New York state.  I don’t expect that to change.

However, bear in mind that the mere passage of that bill will give the Deep State an excuse to bear down on individuals who come to their attention in other ways.  You’re arrested under suspicion of being part of a demonstration at the Capitol?  Well, while you’re incarcerated and we’re investigating the case, why don’t we execute a search warrant at your home?  Oh, look at this – illegal guns!  That’s an additional felony charge for each one, and for every round of ammunition above the legal limit of what you can store at home.  Another thing:  since these illegal weapons were stored in your home, it’s clearly a location where crime was planned and/or perpetrated, so we’re going to confiscate it as the proceeds of crime.  Your wife and kids?  Oh, I’m sure they’ll be fine on the streets.  There’s a homeless shelter only six or seven blocks away.

I don’t know how successful we’ll be at stopping such legislation.  We’ve already seen that we can’t trust Republicans to vote against clearly unconstitutional measures such as the impeachment of a former President who no longer holds office.  What makes you think RINO’s like that will stand up for the Second Amendment?

It may come down to direct intervention with lawmakers who’ll vote for the legislation.  They may have to have it pointed out to them that they’ll be held accountable for their votes – and that won’t be just a matter of words.  Unconstitutional laws, and support for them, will lead to push-back.  Call it the law of intended consequences, if you will.  Certainly, they shouldn’t bank on re-election.



  1. Gun ban??? How about a damned near gun OWNERSHIP ban??? HR 127, introduced 1/4/21… Get the word out… The media… even the so-called CONSERVATIVE media… isn't giving this the airtime it deserves…

  2. Nothing these bozos do is a surprise. They flat out told us exactly what they planned on doing and how they're going to implement it. The fault lies not with the elected criminals (basically every damn one of 'em are on the take in some fashion. I'd love to know how a congressman making $174,000 a year ends up as a millionaire after 4 years.) but with we, the People. We now have the "leadership" we allowed to take power by refusing to stand up as a cohesive force and stopping it. The "insurrection" at the Capitol was akin to a frat party. Peaceful demonstrations are not going to get the job done as proven in the 60's on college campuses nationwide. All they do is get people hurt and things broken. I do not wish for open revolt and conflict for I have seen combat and never wish to again. But if that's what it will take to remove this tyrannical infestation, then so be it, I'll stand and fight rather than die cowering in trepidation.

    This nation was founded with ideals handwritten on less than a dozen sheets of paper, albeit with a few modifications along the way. Seventeen modifications, if memory serves, as the first ten were part and parcel of the original. Seventeen changes in two and a third centuries. Leads me to believe the guys who wrote the originals had a few brain cells to rub together. Their one glaring mistake, as this old vet sees it, was the omission of term limits for members of congress.

    There were no caveats, clauses nor earmarks buried inside thousands of pages of unintelligible blather requiring passage to discover just what we signed up for. There were no bribes, grafts, or gifts. That alone, my friends, is where this train derailed.

  3. As if threatening any politician with a vote will do any good. There will never be a trustworthy vote count in the USA again.

  4. Henceforth, the only "voting" that matters will be done at around 3000fps.

    Bonus points may be awarded for cancelling the plebiscite entirely by removing candidates with a well-placed shot.

    Zombie Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy have offered amicus briefs in support of that proposition.

  5. They're gonna ram the legislation through somehow.
    Then they're going to start enforcing it. Selectively and suddenly…
    Then there's gonna be a VIOLENT pushback…
    After that who knows…
    Might not be a 2022 election. Not that voting's gonna do a damn bit of good.

  6. How could any law signed by an illegitimate, usurper president be constitutional?

    How could anyone think voting with ballots (H.T. Aesop) will ever be legitimate again?

    Secession begins right here at home. Local, local and localler. Individually. All the trappings of the illegitimate ones are to be nullified, first individually. Then at the township level, then by county, and eventually by state.

    Arrogant communist bastards can write all the E.O.s, rules, ordinances, laws, guidelines and other sh*t that gives them the tingles up their leg. That just means more wasted paper. It does not mean compliance.

    Don't be a Regulator. Be an American.

  7. I believe that this kind of overreach is what will be the straw that broke the camel's back, and what tips us over into a hot Bosnia-like civil war.

    When the threat of this legal cudgel is used to stifle political opposition (i.e., those that "bear down on individuals who come to their attention in other ways") there is no incentive to not start shooting back preemptively.

  8. WAKE UP! there will never be a 2022, or 2024 election, at least not fair or honest….for that very reason i don't give a damn what they pass, it don't mean anything to me. my rights are god given and i will fight and die for them. yeah, they'll come, they'll eventually get me, but they'll know they been in a fight. been a so-so life, now's good a time as any to cash it in. least i go on my feet, not my knees. bfytw.

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