Yet again, they’re blaming “the Jews”


I’m getting awful tired of those who blame the Jews for any and every evil that afflicts us.  Anti-semitism is an age-old shibboleth, something brought out of the closet whenever activists for whatever cause need a scapegoat to explain away their particular obsession.  Adolf Hitler is the best-known example, but he was only one in a long, long line of anti-semites who’ve infested history with their poison.

Now comes Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, blaming Jewish pressure in part for the drive to reopen schools (which she and the AFT oppose).  She’s nominally Jewish herself, but like many progressive extremists, she disregards that minor anomaly.

Union leader Randi Weingarten criticized Jews as “part of the ownership class” dedicated to denying opportunities to others in an interview released on Friday.

Weingarten—who is herself Jewish and draws a six-figure salary as head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)—took aim at American Jews in an interview with the Jerusalem Post. When asked about parents critical of the AFT’s resistance to school reopening, Weingarten took aim squarely at Jewish critics.

“American Jews are now part of the ownership class,” Weingarten said. “Jews were immigrants from somewhere else. And they needed the right to have public education. And they needed power to have enough income and wealth for their families that they could put their kids through college and their kids could do better than they have done.”

“What I hear when I hear that question is that those who are in the ownership class now want to take that ladder of opportunity away from those who do not have it,” she said.

There’s more at the link.

The AFT is a thoroughly progressive-infiltrated organization.  It joins many others in expressing anti-semitic ideas and tendencies.  The mainstream news media have ignored Black Lives Matter’s anti-Semitic tendencies, shown in brutal harshness during riots in Los Angeles, threats in New York City and encounters in Philadelphia, among others.  One wonders whether the media are refusing to cover such incidents because of political correctness, or because they agree with the sentiments expressed?  It’s a good question.

Basically, when I hear or see anyone blaming “the Jews” for anything, simply because they’re Jews and with no other evidence, I instantly write off the speaker(s) and their organization(s) as utterly lacking in credibility and unworthy of respect.  They’re merely repeating the tired old prejudices of many generations before them.  They have no originality, no foundation for their prejudices – just resentment that’s looking for a target on which to focus.

I guess we can add the AFT and Ms. Weingarten to the list of those lacking credibility and unworthy of respect.



  1. "The ATF is a thoroughly progressive-infiltrated organization. " That was confusing but probably also true.


  2. Jews and most Asians believe in education and encouraging their children into professions like doctors, lawyers and engineers. We can see that this works because these cultures are far more successful than others that don't push for education.

    So I am not surprised that Jews are pushing for reopening schools.

    And, if that does not happen pretty quickly I can easily see the more-orthodox Jewish private school system expanding to cover all education and not just supplemental Hebrew language and religion.

  3. "The ATF is a thoroughly progressive-infiltrated organization." The word "progressive" always, ALWAYS, reminds me of the word "cancer". So does "Democrat".

  4. Concur.

    Anti-semitism has never risen intellectually above the 6th-grade dropout in a wife-beater t-shirt with a beer gut, no matter how it's dressed up. When it bothers.

    Got an issue with someone who is also Jewish? Make your case, on the merits.
    Got an issue because Joooooooooooooos!!!?
    STFU, and go back to your mommy's basement.

    "Any man who judges by the group is a peawit." – 1st Sgt. Buster Kilrain, 20th Maine Regt., Gettysburg

  5. There are always those outliers who are willing to sell out their own tribe, mistakingly believing they will be spared.

    The question is, do they do it because they are so terrified, or do they do it because they are filled with self-hate?

  6. I find the mental gyrations of the Progressives equally infuriating and mind boggling. To state that the desire to have public schools open, enabling all children to get schooling, is a sign of restriction of access to schooling betrays a failure of logic and the inability to parse a sentence. And I never formally learned to parse sentences.

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