Yet another faked incident. Why are they always from the left?

I can’t help but notice that, whenever an attack or plot or shibboleth is exposed as fake by the mainstream media – racist slogans daubed on church or dormitory walls, shots allegedly fired at minority homes, bigotry on open display – the fakery appears to come from the left-wing, progrressive side of US politics.  Have you ever heard of a right-winger doing the same thing?  I’ve seriously tried to find such reports.  If you know of any, with supporting evidence such as a news report, please let us know in Comments.  It would be obscurely reassuring, somehow . . . sort of . . . to know that this isn’t a one-sided problem.

Be that as it may, here’s yet another incident.  The perpetrator says he was trying to drive home the need for metal detectors in schools, but I suspect he was also trying to add to the case against private ownership and/or carrying of firearms in general.

Police arrested a Southbridge teacher on Thursday who they said dropped a live round of ammunition inside the high school, and then claimed he did it to show the need for metal detectors in the building.

Southbridge police said Alfred J. Purcell III, a 57-year-old from Woodstock, Connecticut, reported finding a live round of 9mm ammunition in a stairwell. The school resource officer and the administration decided to immediately put the school on lockdown.

While the building was locked down, authorities reviewed video camera footage from the stairwell. Police said the video seen above showed Purcell dropping the ammo on the floor and leaving, before returning 10 minutes later. They said he appeared to take a picture of it with his phone, and then used a school-issued radio to report it.

Officers arrested Purcell at the school and brought him to police headquarters, where they said he admitted to intentionally placing the round in the stairwell. He said he did it to “prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors,” according to police.

. . .

A search of Purcell’s vehicle uncovered 102 live rounds of 20 gauge shot gun ammunition in the trunk. Police said his license to carry had expired in Connecticut.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s a thought.  If you find that the only way you can make a case for or against something is to lie about it, or make up stories about it . . . then maybe, just maybe, you’re the problem, not what you support or oppose.

Just sayin’.



  1. You'll need more than just "news" reports of right-wingers perpetrating crimes. The "news media" are the main problem, willing to jump on "hate crimes" and blame the right for them from the beginning. They drop the stories or ignore them altogether when the real truth comes out about the perp being a lefty or one of their protected minorities.

  2. I have noticed that whenever there's a mass shooting, the perps almost always seem to be lefties. Someone in to conspiracies might suggest that the average mass shooter is an agent provocateur but as we're dealing here with people with an already limited connection with reality, a few easily deniable hints is usually sufficient to get them going.

    One of these days someone will send out a plaintive cry for more gun control, denouncing the actions of (insert name here) before the named shooter actually begins pulling the trigger.

  3. To ask the question is to know the answer.

    There are far more nutjob haters on the left than the right. To directly answer your question, I can't recall the last time I saw a legitimate hate crime committed by someone on the right.

    There are things about this one that make me really crazy. First is that the guy is high school science (biology) teacher, yet he doesn't understand that metal detectors don't have infinite sensitivity. They have threshold sensitivity. A single round of 9mm is between the size of the iron in red blood cells and a pistol. You wouldn't want one sensitive enough to trigger on red blood cells or orthopedic implants but should be able to detect a polymer handgun.

    Second is that he was charged with possession of ammunition. That's a crime up there?

    And, seriously, that picture of four boxes of 20 ga. and 1 9mm round is the most pathetic "junk on the bunk" display I have ever seen.

  4. So the mythic perp is slouching around in school with his 9mm tucked in his belt and a bullet fell out? Srsly? These people have absolutely no idea how guns work. Oh! Wait!!!! It could have been a one round weapons cache on the stair landing staged for a future takeover of the school! Idiots.

  5. Historically, most all, if not all-all, attempted or actual political assassins in the US of A have been card carrying members of the Democratic party or left of the DP. World-wide, pretty much holds up across the board, too (excepting instances of religious whackery. That sometimes skews results (cough-islam-cough-cough..)though in at least two cases the intersection of leftwing nutjob and religion of pieces cross to give us spectacular deaths (Sarejevo pre WWI and murder of Sadat.)

    Makes you wonder what's so great about being a compassionate liberal leftist that drives one to kill people to push one's agenda.

  6. Many on the left are totally invested in the strawman image of right wingers that they themselves have created.
    And have apparently become incredibly frustrated when the right fail to live up to that image.
    So out of that frustration they think that just a little demonstration, a nudge that they know without doubt the right really would do if they weren't such fraidy cats, their actions will expose the enemy for what they are.
    Delusional? Of course. But most of the left are. They have to be to believe in things like socialism works or the green new deal will save us from the doom that is 12 years away.

  7. The original request was for right wingers creating a fake hate crime. Most real hate crimes would be committed by right wingers (we can argue whether, for example, racist attacks are right or left wing, but they are right wing in popular stereotype). So from this standpoint you won't find right wingers creating a fake hate crime. Best thing to look for would be a fake crime against Christianity, but those don't tend to be classed as hate crimes to begin with (unless against black churches which switches them to left wing).

    One note from the comments — trying to say most/all mass shooters are Democrats and similar statements is a futile exercise. The fact a shooter is registered with one party or the other or voted for one party or the other isn't really relevant if the shooting isn't political. But both sides insist that all mass shootings (and other outrageous crimes) are political, especially if it can make the other side look bad.

  8. The Left can't "save" us from disasters that don't happen, so they have a long history of creating the disasters.

    We Americans don't have to invent instances of oppression, because our enemies on the Left proudly crow about each new vile act.

  9. Maybe some enterprising right wingers can incorporate and form "Rent a Righty"
    to provide fake sculduggery performed at reasonable rates with a money back guarantee.
    The MSM would offer them free advertising for certain sure.

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