Yet another variant of COVID-19?


So we have yet another variant of COVID-19 to worry about. Why am I not surprised? And why am I even less surprised by the SHOCK! PANIC! HORROR! reaction of the authorities? They’ll use this new variant to pursue even more of the same VACCINATE! ISOLATE! SUBMIT! OBEY! DON’T THINK FOR YOURSELF! shtick that they’ve been foisting on us since the pandemic began.  I’m sure we’ll see the rushed development of yet another booster for the vaccine, which we’ll all be pressured to take – despite the known and very serious health risks associated with the present vaccines.

Yes, COVID-19 is a serious risk to our health:  but that’s nothing new or strange. We’ve known about coronaviruses since the 1960’s. They ALWAYS evolve, ALWAYS mutate into new forms. Consider the common cold. It’s nothing more or less than a coronavirus! Every season, the cold virus is slightly different than the one before – that’s why nobody’s ever developed an effective vaccine against it. (Influenza, with very similar symptoms to colds, is a virus, but not a coronavirus.)  We’ve had SARS and MERS, all precursors to COVID-19, and we’ve beaten them and/or learned to live with them.  We’ll do the same again.

When you see this sort of fuss and bother, don’t be surprised. COVID-19 will mutate from now until the end of time, assuming it hangs around (and there’s every prospect that it will). We are extremely unlikely to be able to develop a “one-size-fits-all” vaccine that stops all future variants of it. Like the common cold, we’ll have to learn to live with it – and guess what? There are already remedies that allow us to do that.

Ivermectin (IVM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) have been proven repeatedly to be effective against COVID-19.  (HCQ was also used to treat SARS and MERS.) Additional medications like azithromycin and doxycycline, plus supplements like zinc, vitamins and (allegedly) quercetin, also contribute to a rapid recovery. Effective protocols for prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 have been known for some time, and have been widely circulated and applied. (I’ve had two bouts with COVID-19 myself, and applied those protocols with complete success, despite being subject to several enhanced risk factors.  In anticipation of future bouts with the disease, my medicine chest contains almost all those medications and supplements.)

One is also forced to wonder . . . is the fuss about a new variant an attempt to find an excuse for the literally thousands of cases of people being afflicted with serious heart disease and other ailments, shortly after being vaccinated?  Do a search for the number of first-class athletes and sportsmen who’ve collapsed during an event, and been taken to hospital with critical illnesses that have sidelined them ever since.  The numbers will astonish you, if your search engine lets you find them.  (Some (coughGooglecough) will censor the results.)  The same goes for children suddenly coming down with myocarditis and pericarditis.  These are not childhood diseases – but suddenly cases are multiplying among vaccinated kids.  Do your own research, and ask yourself:  would a new, allegedly more dangerous COVID-19 variant be a convenient fig-leaf for the authorities to cover up what’s going on?

Ultimately, if you find officialdom panicking about a new variant of the coronavirus, ask yourself why that should be. We know COVID-19’s going to evolve, precisely because it’s a coronavirus, and they always evolve. The panic is partly because they don’t want new variants to spread, sure: but we know they will spread eventually, no matter what we do to contain them.

The panic is designed to scare us into obeying the powers that be, yet again.

Don’t be fooled.



  1. Looked a bit deeper. Gotta say, Omicron is a way cooler name than Delta. Sounds like the bad guy from the old Transformers movies.

    Agree that it’s no shocker that this has developed. In point of fact, use of a sloppy vaccine that does not prevent infection guaranteed it.

    Agree that they will want more boosters. Just remember: boosters follow the law of diminishing returns. Adverse events follow the law of Russian roulette.

    Disagree in part: coronaviruses are one of hundreds of different types, and one of millions of subtypes of viruses that cause the common cold. That why no vaccine—there are too many possible targets.

    Disagree in part. SARS1 and MERS are much more lethal than COVID. We didn’t really beat them or learn to live with them. They made folks super sick, super quick, so they were much easier to isolate and break the chain (SARS1), or simply killed everyone that got it (MERS). One of my partners was in the Mideast and took care of some MERS patients. It was frightening—they would go from essentially normal to dead in less than a day despite very high level ICU care.
    If we ever get something that spreads like COVID and kills like MERS, it will end civilization. (Cue dramatic music)

    All the articles I could find give the usual hand waving about the Omicron variant. “Could”, “might”, and “possible” feature prominently. No real hard data other than it can fool the current PCR based tests, giving false negatives.

    Down in Houston we used to joke about what stores would run out of when the hurricanes were bearing down. It was always milk, eggs, and bread: French toast supplies.

    And really, what’s so bad about 2 weeks worth of French toast?

    Cheers, and thank you for the excellent blog.

  2. wife and i got covid from a bunch of vaxxed relatives at a birthday party. at first sniffle started ivermectin protocol and were recovering three days later. wife still has a couch but otherwise okay.

  3. So will the now exempt UAW union members be killing people in Michigan with this varient, or only the Floridians they see over Christmas shutdown?

  4. somebody (nudge, nudge) has to publish an address for Mr./Ms. to easily obtain HCQ and Ivermectin (top-grade and unadulterated), plus directions for using either/both

  5. @boron: For directions, see the link to COVID-19 treatment protocols included in my article above.

    For where to get HCQ and IVM: You can get HCQ in the USA if it's prescribed for a condition it's certified to treat (e.g. certain types of skin conditions, etc.). IVM is relatively freely available in an injectable 1% solution for animal use; see the veterinerary medicine aisle/cabinet at your local farm supply store (Tractor Supply, Atwoods, etc. – I've found it at both the above).

    If it's legal in your jurisdiction (or if you're willing to risk detection in transit and loss of your shipment), there are many pharmacies overseas that will ship to the USA. Do a search on "Indian pharmacies that ship to USA" and you'll be deluged with results. Some are better than others – look for user reviews, comments on US-based forums, etc.

    However, due to the risks of dealing with a Third World nation, DO NOT give out your credit card or bank account numbers! Rather use a US Postal Service money order and mail it to them, or get a one-time credit card number and use that. There are far too many crooks out there to take a chance, and this far away from them, you have little or no chance of getting your money back if things go wrong. Rather order smaller quantities, so that if you lose one or two orders, you aren't too far out of pocket.

    I'm informed that ReliableRx Pharmacy has been found to be reliable and trustworthy by more than one customer, but I'm obviously not going to recommend that you do anything illegal by importing IVM or HCQ from them. That would be naughty.

    Hope this helps.

  6. „This year I will NOT buy winter tyres for my car. Couldn‘t find any long time studies about this. I have also heard that accidents are still possible with winter tyres! What the hell are they good for? I also learnt from the internet that after some time you have to buy a new set of winter tyres, because their efficiency goes down. That‘s all a cheap trick of Big Rubber! I‘m not buying into that crappy story…

  7. My attempt to access your link to fox news concerning the omicron varient has been blocked with no access.
    Not to worry so much Vox has a link to another site that gives a pretty good rundown.
    Thanks for info on sourcing for ivm and hcq. As for hcq, I now use homemade quinine that provides base quinine [hcq is an man-made derivative of quinine] that I feel does a better job. Its dirt easy to make [from the peels of grapefruit and lemon, preferably organic…instructions are on the net..]
    You can freeze the homemade quinine, and the peels for future batches. I've tested both and it all works. And, near as I can tell the homemade quinine works at any point of infection. Note that this is in treatment of covid spike protein shedd from vaxxed people. And, yes, I do have to deal with this. There are some hints now that with the level of homemade quinine I use when needed, it may have cured the condition. I don't know if this would apply to vaxxed people who have the omicron varient and their resultent spike shedd. If not, then time for another batch and the usual 7 day treatment course used for malaria.I don't use the quinine everyday unless a nasty shedd has hit me. I don't fear it anymore, I just hope grapefruit and lemon are still available as this adventure in depopulation continues to mature.

  8. Oh, forgot to mention my thanks for the book. A few minutes ago I got the kindle and will order the hardback before it 'disappears', since kindle books can be 'turned off' by amazon when ever they so choose, regardless you payed your money. I do know how to back up kindle purchases but not sure of the efficacy of those backups since that system has never been live fired. I just wish the amazon kindle system was not so helpfull with deep reading; their fulfillment system is usually top notch. Their politics maybe not so much.
    I wish that lady doc whose comments and interview the other doc that bought the ticket were local here. I would sign her up for my doc in a heartbeat, while I still have a heartbeat that is.

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