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I thought radical feminism had long since jumped the shark.  Now it looks like they’re jumping jellyfish, crustaceans and seaweed for good measure.

If you’re a dog owner, maybe, just maybe, a couple of things that come to mind when you take ‘ol Spot to the dog park are rape culture and non-heterosexual “performativity.”

What’s that? You don’t consider such things when you’re walking the pup? No worries, then. The Portland Ungendering Research Initiative’s Helen Wilson is here to clue you in.

Her paper, “Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon,” discusses the “emerging themes in human and canine interactive behavioral patterns in urban dog parks” in order to gain a better understanding about people’s decisions and “emergent assumptions around gender, race, and sexuality.”

The PhD in feminist studies writes that dog parks are “petri dishes for canine ‘rape culture.’” Never mind that dogs are, y’know, animals. Just go with it:

They offer a very public view into the ways human companions foster and perpetuate masculinist systems of communal oppression across species and in public spaces. The cultural norms operating within and upon these spaces form microcultures where acceptable and unacceptable behavior in human communities may be reflected in the way human companions construct their interactions with dogs, particularly in regard to rape culture and queering, and a-/moral interpretations of such behaviors and their human analogues under the assumptions of rape culture.

“In essence,” Wilson adds, dogs parks “become rape-condoning spaces in which human rape culture plays out by the moral permissiveness we extend to animals.”

In a nutshell, it doesn’t get much more intellectually vacuous than this, folks.

Worse still, the only canines that are oppressed (yes, oppressed) are those which exhibit — wait for it! — gay behavior.

There’s more at the link.

I no longer think radical feminist theorists have jumped the shark.  Instead, I think they’ve humped it – or, perhaps, been humped by it.  What other possible explanation is there for such drivel?



  1. What other possible explanation is there for such drivel?

    The fact that it pays, and pays very well indeed. News reports like these need to be cc'd to alumni associations and State legislators

  2. I gotta stop saying "that's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard!" People seem to be taking it as a challenge.

  3. I know you supplied a link to more of that paper but I figured why bother clicking on it if all it is going to do is raise my blood pressure if I read it. It would not go up so much because of whatever it is she wrote but because I would be wondering how in Hades, how on earth, how in the universe or wherever, could anyone in an academic psychological or psychiatric setting approve of such utter dimwitted bullshit. Then to think that they who find such crap acceptable, who even laud it, are the same ass-wipes who are teaching our children. My head just cannot take all that added pressure so I did not click on the link ;>).

  4. We're trying to assume if Goober dog has "consent" or not for his random queer performativity with Prime dog, on the grounds that Prime dog can kick his canine heiney to the curb on a whim, and Goober knows it.

    The patriarchy is real!

  5. What a load of ineffable twaddle. The idea that anyone could take this seriously is almost incomprehensible.

  6. Of Course they want to get rid of dogs…Dogs are unclean according to islam…and islam are fellow travelers against the patriarchy and white privilege.

  7. As Thomas Sowell once said "You have to be highly educated to come up with something that stupid" (or thereabouts).

    In all her research, she doesn't seem to have studied dogs whatsoever. There are very well known reasons for how they act around other dogs, and simply watching a few Cesar Milan shows is all it takes to figure them out, mostly.

    The amazing, but also sad and disturbing, thing about this is she got paid for this.

    Where do I line up for moron grants? Although I'd have to work at it, I'm happy to produce idiocy for a few shekels.

  8. Why is it that when I ( with a B.S degree in engineering) read something one of these feminist studies types have written it makes absolutely no sense? Not that the message doesn't match reality (which it doesn't) but that it is unintelligible. I's like they took all the SJW buzz words put them in a box shook it up and poured them into the article.

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