“You don’t need evidence if bullies chase down the witnesses”


Scott Adams puts his finger on the crux of the election imbroglio in this short, but very to-the-point video clip.

That’s it exactly.  When you have that sort of bullying, captured on tape, explicitly shutting out one side from the vote tallying process, the assumption must be that the process was flawed, biased and compromised.  There is no other possibility, because any chance of proving otherwise – impartially and objectively – was destroyed by the exclusion.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court intervenes to uphold the rule of law.  If it doesn’t, there’s going to be hell to pay.



  1. As always, your blog Peter is an excellent source, and well worth the time. May God have mercy on our beleaguered Republic, and may this time there be consequences for those who would try–in plain terms– to assault Lady Liberty.

  2. So technically, they also used force to steal the election in addition to the fraud. And the media is covering it up.

    Welcome to Purgatory!

  3. But we are left to wonder, what if nothing is done, what if the election stands, what then? I believe, based on current evidence, that Republicans won the House and Senate and President Trump won reelection by a large margin. The polar opposite may be reality. When is it enough?

  4. "But we are left to wonder, what if nothing is done, what if the election stands, what then?"

    Depends. That's the 40 trillion dollar question.

  5. We can pray that the Supreme Court intervenes. I am.
    I don't feel much hope though.

    For me, the election was when the bottom fell out of the world. The lockdowns and the riots and the gaslighting from the media was bad enough, but I had hope that most Americans could see through the bullshit and realize that there was only one sane choice out.

    And I think Americans did. But it didn't help.

    I don't see a clean way out of this. I think even the Supreme Court intervening would just kick the can down the road. Maybe that will buy us time to build a parallel economy and win more people over to our side. God willing.

  6. "Let's hope the Supreme Court intervenes to uphold the rule of law."

    To quote the famous Bender Bending Rodriguez: "Oh wait, you're serious. In that case, let me laugh even harder!"

    I agree with you in sentiment, but to think that part of the establishment will rule against the establishment – well, let's just say that's probably not terribly likely. The people in charge are pushing things this hard not because they are stupid (well, they are, but they are very, very clever and cunning, in the old-school meanings of those words) but because they've done the calculations are are confident that – whatever happens – they'll come out on top.

  7. I am afraid that there will be hell to pay either way, The question is if there will be a viable republic remaining at the end of the upheaval.

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