1. I'll fall to my old favorite…

    I'll not engage an argument with an unarmed individual.

    They are punching well above their weight. But despite that
    they also have the role of ham and eggs. They are the ham
    as the pig in that case is fully committed.

  2. I agree that the student being trotted out are A) little idiots and B) being used. That said, the longer the meme lasts the more I am inclined to believe that the 'eating laundry pods' story is hogwash. Stories of teens doing stupid stunts appear regularly, and quite often there turns out to be nothing in back of them.

    Remember 'Butt Chugging'? The story that teens were giving themselves alcohol enemas? I tagged that one as bovine excreta because of how much it would STING. And it appears that, on balance, I was right.

    I think somebody started the pods story as a joke, and it went viral. Teens are stupid (I know. I was one.) but they aren't immune to pain, and they have functioning taste buds.

    1. I'm pretty sure 4chan started the tide pod meme because they thought it would be hilarious. I doubt they expected it to become so popular…but I could be wrong, they might have anticipated precisely the reaction they got.

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