Your dose of Sunday cuteness

To give us something to smile about in the midst of all the doom and gloom, there’s nothing like kittens and puppies, is there? Here’s what happens when Spike, an American Pit Bull Terrier (who’s clearly been properly socialized, and exhibits none of the problems that less well trained dogs can display) meets Visa, a two-month-old kitten.

All together, now: Aaaaaawwww!


P.S.: For even more cuteness, click over to Marko’s blog to see how his five-week-old Dachshund pups are getting along.


  1. I keep trying to show Murphy this video but he just shakes his head and walks out of the room.

    It is cute, though.

  2. Just as sweet and gentle as every pit bull I've ever met (even if they don't -all- get along with cats or kittens that well. 🙂

  3. I had a friend who raised two Irish Terrier puppies, one for himself and one for his girlfriend. They are notoriously "bitey", and fiercely attack everything around them when puppies.

    He assigned the daily toleration of the puppies to his pit bull female. She did a great job, tolerating them chewing on her, including her ears, lips, and other un-mentionable sensitive bits.

    When the female Irish Terrier was grown, he could not keep them together–the Irish Terrier wanted to attach the pit bull, and she would have eventually have had to defend herself.

    He could let them pass at the door, letting one in while letting the other out. Did have a couple of brief skirmishes, but they both died of old age.

  4. Antibubba's exactly right–and even if a pit bull (or any dog, really) is brought up poorly, it's almost never too late to bring them around and ease them into "well-socialized". Look at the Vick dogs!

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