‘Your money in pictures’

That’s the Heritage Foundation’s title for its top five financial charts/diagrams of 2013.  They’re very informative, illustrating key facts about our economy and budget in concise, easy-to-understand formats;  and they’re also very authoritative, using official figures and sources rather than guesswork or politically biased conjecture.

As one example, here’s their chart headed ‘Obamacare’s Barrage of Tax Hikes’.  Looking to the future, it seems we ain’t seen nothin’ yet . . .

Bet you didn’t know health care was going to cost all of us that much, over and above our individual premiums, did you?

There are more graphics at the link.  Recommended reading.



  1. well they can kiss the 'cadillac' tax good by… most major companies doing work with the DoD have dropped their 'cadillac' plans so they don't have to pay the tax.

  2. If the whole thing hasn't collapsed entirely by then, it'll be funny to see what happens when some union retirees find out their plans are Cadillac plans.

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