Your online life – permanent as a tattoo

In the third in our series of video clips examining online security and privacy, Juan Enriquez discusses the reality of our online presence, and how it’s almost impossible to alter, amend or erase it.

Sobering truths.  That’s why I don’t participate in social media (apart from this blog).  I have no desire for an indiscreet photograph to come back to haunt me in future years!



  1. I do wonder what some one would think about the mess I have put online … Well once they got past the initial OMG ….

  2. This is why I do my best to keep people from taking pictures of me, especially at parties and social gatherings. I know the stuff in my glass is iced tea. Potential employers can't tell from the picture – all they can see is the bar in the background. And I don't do social media. Nothing I might gain is worth the risks.


  3. If an employer is going to judge me by my PERSONAL life (and what I do is legal) me and that employer will NOT get along. For me there is a very clear and defined line between work and personal. The two shall NOT meet. 😛

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