Your tax dollars at work!

A recent episode of Judge Judy produced this memorable (and utterly infuriating) exchange between the Judge and a defendant. It’s almost guaranteed to make you spit and swear, and raise your blood pressure; but it’s a pretty fair reflection of the attitudes of many in our urban ghettoes. This really is how millions upon millions of our tax dollars are spent wasted, every single month.

It’s enough to make me use some very unfortunate language . . . but I won’t record that here. All I can say is, I wish that flogging were still a legal punishment for idiots like this!



  1. Personally, I wouldn't have been that patient with the clown. Also, I cracked up when she asked him if he needed a tissue. He didn't even know he was being insulted! (I mean, you know what I'm sayin'!)

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Don't bother sending that tape to congress. Loosers like him elected more than half the folks there. Put it on the seven o:clock news or 48 hours.

    And to think that parasite is breeding – lots.

    Pray for the republic!

  3. He and his kind needs serious medical attention. I recommend these procedures be MANDATORY:

    1) Prefrontal Lobotomy

    2) Sterilization.

  4. This is the stunning example of why we have a squatter in the WH! And these people don't just live in MN, they are all over the place, and they live in CA and vote for "the government" that keeps paying them month after month after month … Oh, God, I'm sorry, but I just started to type and went berserk! What a clip! Thank you!

  5. What cracked me up was the looks exchanged between Judge Judy and the black bailiff standing next to her. Both were rolling their eyes!

  6. And this is just one example, representing millions like him (and her) in every village, town, city, and state in the country.

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