Following Chris Cuomo’s dismissal by CNN last December, the network’s head honcho, Jeff Zucker, announced his resignation yesterday after it became known he was having an intimate relationship with a subordinate that he should have acknowledged, but didn’t.  It’s rumored that Cuomo’s lawyers may have cited Zucker’s relationship in their negotiations with CNN and its owner, AT&T, over the former’s dismissal, which may have led to the latter’s quitting.

Congressional candidate Claudia Tenney had an absolute zinger of a comment about the situation on Twitter:

(In case you’ve forgotten it, Toobin’s scandal is described here.)

The comments following Ms. Tenney’s tweet are hilarious!



  1. Heh…but Toobin still has his job, imagine that.

    Thinking the pre-November mass exodus on the Left will continue as a CYA move…getting out while the gettin' is good before the proverbial well known substance hits the rotating appliance.

  2. Toobin is probably still there because he is a real hands-on analyst.

    This kind of perversion is inevitable when people kick God to the curb.

  3. i doubt the relationship is the only reason. i'd bet money something much worse to warrant his leaving quietly. two of their producers got caught chasing young love. maybe he knew or even indulged.

  4. One of the comments is "So CNN was basically Studio 54 with a broadcast facility in front."

    What an absolute crackup!

  5. One has to wonder if we are getting the full Zucker story. Seems like what is being relayed wouldn't be enough to force a resignation. Was Zucker on the Lolitta Express too?

  6. Big firms have a "no personal relationship " clause in their worker's contracts. Dating your coworkers or worse- your supervisor- is strictly forbidden to avoid bias in promotions and bonuses. Of course who is going to call them out on it if it's the top tier management?

    The only reason the removal is happening now is because CNN has been sold. Zucker has cratered CNN under his management and both he and the new owners both know it. So option A is to be fired as the Incompetent Hack he is. Option B is to remove him for reasons described above. For Zucker's future marketability, he went with Option B.

  7. To The Guy's comment, it is not just big firms anymore. I have worked at much smaller companies with exactly the same policy: not dating of coworkers, and especially no dating in the supervisor/ individual contributor relationship.

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