A blast from my past, by someone else

As regular readers will know, I spent some years working as a prison chaplain, first part-time, then full-time, until a disabling injury forced my medical retirement.  I wrote a book about my experiences, ‘Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls‘.

It’s just been reviewed by one of the Castalia House bloggers, even though it came out some time ago and that house didn’t publish the book.  He decided that its insights into the reality of prison life deserved a wider audience, for which I’m very grateful.  You’ll find his interview here.  Go read, if you’d like some insight into a world that’s seldom accurately portrayed in entertainment or the media.  (Hint:  if the prison depicted in ‘Orange Is The New Black‘ was really run that way, its warden and senior administrators would very quickly be behind bars themselves, facing criminal charges!)

Thanks, Scott, for an interesting to-and-fro interview process.  It was fun.



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