A car, three moose, and a snow-covered road

A Canadian motorist recently encountered three moose on a snow-covered road where his car didn’t have enough traction to brake in time.  The result was filmed on his dash camera.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

That’s about as close an encounter as I ever want to have with a moose!  You can read more about the incident here.



  1. The car doesn't have enough traction to stop in time, even though he sees the moose standing plainly in the middle of the straight road. He barely manages to avoid a Collision. Colliding with a moose in a car is extremely fatal a very high percentage of the time. So what does he do after learning this lesson? He speeds up again. This guy will be a Darwin Award winner sometime in the next decade. Count on it.


  2. Darwin award?
    Snow packed roads like that are a fact of life for at least half the year(they were in northern Minnesota). With the distances, the true quality of the roads and the needs of life you drive as normal as you can.
    They were lucky & missed all the moose! Love those dash cams…

  3. That scene looks all-too familiar. Close calls with moose happen all the time, although I tend to agreed with FormerFlyer. It's a lot harder to see them in the dark, though, and that's when most of the collisions occur, here.

  4. Back in the early 80's, I was driving US 2 in western Montana when a moose suddenly ran out in front of me. Only 30 year old reflexes saved the pickup. Those things are HUGE, especially when they're standing a couple of feet from the end of your hood. I hate to think of the resulting damage if the collision had occurred as well as the potential for injury.

  5. That'll get the old heart pumping. Hitting large animals with a car can be devastating. Some people get lucky though. I had some venison once that had come from a summer time mishap. The only damage to the pickup truck that hit the Deer was a broken side mirror, easily replaced.

  6. A car, three moose, and a snow-covered road walk into a bar. The bartender says, " Wait, let me get my cell phone. This video will be heart-stopping."

    Anonymous, is extremely fatal worse than fatal? Is there a chart somewhere on the web? Or does extremely fatal include the moose?

  7. Urbane Legend:

    If you spend enough time in a morgue (don't ask) you will learn that there is indeed a difference between merely "Lethal" and "Extremely Fatal."


  8. Moose is tall, so if you hit it, it comes thru the front window. One almost killed my uncle like that a few years ago in N. Sask.

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