A fast way to empty a swimming-pool . . .

. . . although not one that makes economic sense!

Personally, I’d call that a waste of a perfectly good swimming pool . . . but that’s just me, I guess.



  1. Where I come from, we call those 'stock tanks'.

    And they still seem to acquire extra drainage holes in the same manner…

  2. About 4-5 years ago I bought one about that size for $19.95 in a summer sale for when my grand kids came over for their summer visit. Son is in the Air Force and was PCS'ing so I knew kids would not be back for 2-3 years at least. I emptied the pool, tried to dry it off as best I could, and looked at it the next year. It was a chipmunk eaten moldy mess. I wish I would have thought of using a gun to empty it. My granddaughter would have had a hoot.

    Ed C

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