A hair-raising invention?

I’m hugely amused at the brouhaha over ‘hairy stockings’.  They were first revealed by a Chinese Web site, and have attracted horrified, sardonic and sarcastic comment all over the world.

I particularly enjoyed the Telegraph’s perspective.  Here’s an excerpt.

Perhaps their primary function is to put off the more unenlightened members of the male sex, who will be so repulsed by the sight of a nubile young girl with gorilla pins that they will forget to assault her, but maybe the truth is more subtle than that.

In fact what will happen is that all those nice, feminist men who pride themselves on being above their own cultural conditioning will be buying the drinks, and the old misogynists will leave the ladies alone – the successful suitors will be a pleasantly self-selecting group of males who are intellectual, lentil-eating, gentle and good at listening. The sex will be awful, of course, but it will be ever so respectful.

. . .

Let’s just admit what we are – great apes in cotton dresses – and live accordingly. It would all be so much more relaxing, and perhaps without the attendant neuroses and maintenance that we ladies have to endure for the summer months, men and women would get along much better – if you are covered in hair, you have nothing to hide.

The more I think about it, the more I think these hairy stockings could solve a lot of problems. Relationships will be more honest; flirtation truer to our animal instincts; al fresco sex will be … warmer. My only question is, where can I get a whole bodysuit?

There’s more at the link.

On the other hand, they’re sure to amuse Miss D.  She informs me that in Alaska, many women don’t bother to shave their legs, because the weather is seldom warm enough to warrant wearing anything other than trousers, sometimes complete with long underwear.  She refers to such women as having “Skin like porcelain, legs like Chewbacca” . . . but I’m delighted to report that description doesn’t apply to her!



  1. The result of China's one child policy that saw many female babies aborted and the gender balance thrown completely out of wack?

  2. I have a distinct memory of being totally turned off by a girl who had great bunches of hair protruding from her armpits, with her arms down. She was smiling at me, but I turned and left. Just grossed me out something terrible. This would have been early 70's.

    I don't need them shaved, though. Just keep it short. I do it myself. Can't get antiperspirant/deodorants to work, otherwise.

    I have a vague recollection of occasional hairy legs, but I guess it isn't much of a problem for me, or it would have stuck in my mind.

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