A happy, holy and blessed Christmas to you all

If you’re looking for deep thoughts this Christmas, I think I’ll let my article from December 2008 stand alone.  That’s colored my Christmases ever since, as you can imagine!  It’s a hell of a way to learn the meaning of the season, in the midst of death and destruction and bloodshed . . . but there are many whose Christmas this year will be like that, including our own service personnel in various parts of the world.  Let’s be grateful for them, and for our own peaceful Christmas, and give thanks.

Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you.”



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your bride. I would raise a toast but we can to that in person real soon. Looking forward to the visit from you two.

  2. That's nice Peter. I like the traditional, especially with hints of the Monks chanting. I hope your Christmas brings you peace for your soul. We truly are blessed, no matter the troubles caused by our elected officials. Love is all.

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