A musical start to the weekend

Courtesy of a reader’s e-mail, here’s ‘a brief history of rock ‘n roll’ in the form of 100 famous guitar riffs, all run together into a single piece of music.  It’s strangely fascinating.

I think the guitarist, Alex Chadwick, had a lot of fun with that. You can learn more here.



  1. There's a few layers there that I bet only a few folks notice:

    He changes tunings, so has to group songs by the way the guitar is tuned. Drops his A string, then the low E string. Don't recall others. Pretty remarkable to hit the right pitch with just a quick grab.

    He uses several different effects, from a wah-wah pedal to various amounts of fuzz and distortion.

    It's pretty obvious where he puts the slide on his finger, and then drops it. Less obvious where he switches from a pick to finger picking.

    I can only guess how much time went into memorizing that!

  2. I could play name that tune on much of the early stuff but he lost me after around #70. After that I didn't even recognize many of the bands much less the riffs. Pretty cool! A lot of work went into that.

  3. When I started it I knew I wouldn't make it very far. Once in, however, I was totally hooked. Sequencing it all must have been quite a chore, never mind all the notes. Very impressive — and's cause me to go back into my mp3 stash for a bit!

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