“A race war in slow motion”

That’s how the iconoclastic Fred Reed sees recent events in Baltimore.  I don’t agree with all his points, but in many cases I do (see my previous warnings about urban areas – follow those five links for details).  (For those who aren’t familiar with Baltimore pronunciation, Fred’s use of the word ‘Ballmer’ reflects this.)

As a certified member of the curmudgeon’s tribe, practicing our dismal and lonely trade, I am delighted by the events in Baltimore. Among curmudgeons, almost our only joy is the gratification of confirmation of our dark expectations of humanity. In the case of Ballmer, a particular source of somber joy is the gap separating the Talking-Heads Chorale and reality. Wanton foolishness is ever a curmudgeonly delight.

The Talking-Heads Chorale will see the riots, are seeing the riots, not as an intensification of the undeclared racial war, but as a protest against racist police or the racism of whites. Oh, quite. Never mind that Ballmer’s black government sets standards for the hiring, training, and behavior of its police, and half of the accused cops are black. But the conduct of their police cannot be the fault of blacks, because nothing is.

. . .

The fundamentally racial attitudes of blacks from Obama down appear in the one-sided approach to racial violence. Our black president and black attorney general express sympathy for any black who runs afoul of the police, but none at all for the victims of the unending, undeniable, multitudinous, vicious racial attacks on whites by blacks: The Knockout Game. Obama and Holder cannot possibly be unaware of these attacks.  Obama and his tribe are not neutral.

The Chorale says that the Knockout Game is a “myth,” but it demonstrably is not. For any who have the slightest doubt, I recommend Colin Flaherty’s latest, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, documenting, in Kindle format with countless clickable links to original sources, attacks on whites. “Low-intensity race war” is not wild exaggeration, and summer comes.

There’s much more at the link.  Food for thought.



  1. I agree with most of what he says.
    The "separation" is coming.
    Let it be peaceful.
    Otherwise we'll have Biblical Death Tolls on BOTH sides, in the conflict. (and IMHO more than two sides)

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