A really useful Firefox add-on

An e-mail today led me to a Firefox add-on of which I hadn’t heard before, but which seems to have come from nowhere to hit the Top 10 list.  It’s called ‘Down Them All‘.  It allows you to select any and/or every link on a page and download the associated content, speeding up the process enormously.  For example, I linked to the ‘Classic GUNS Magazine Editions‘ Web page and downloaded every issue from 1955 to 1964 with just a few clicks of my mouse.  The download (which took a long time, as you can imagine) ran in the background, allowing me to carry on with other work.

I highly recommend ‘Down Them All‘.  It’s free, so give it a try.


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  1. Down them all has been around since at least win98, and works.

    It is a great way to d/l all the images linked by a website, and was marketed that way (think pron.)

    Still, although I haven't used it in years, it was a good tool for the purpose.

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