A Russian re-imagining of ‘drive it like you stole it’

We’ve seen CGI video clips from Russian outfit Digital Light Studio before – a steampunk steam train race and a steampunk wizard SWAT team.  Here’s another from their archives;  a steampunk/technowizardry car race, reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto or The Fast And The Furious.

Explosions to clear the freeway?  I must consider how to incorporate those into the local rush hour . . .


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  1. As a hypothetical observation, if one were to use a bundle of firecrackers, perhaps 4 to 8, with long fuses to allow for travel distance from where the bundle was deployed, I surmise that would quickly result in most vehicular operators granting the deployer additional courtesy whilst traversing the concrete path. Of course, there is always the condition that some of the vehicular operators would have a distinct lack of amusument in this circumstance, …………


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